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Vid-Biz: Comcast-NBCU, Time Warner-Verizon, Teevox

Critics Assail Comcast-NBCU Merger Plans; the war of words between Comcast Corp. and its critics flared up one more time Thursday as final responses during the FCC comment period for the largest U.S. cable firm’s planned acquisition of NBC Universal were due. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Time Warner Expands ‘TV Everywhere’ Offerings with Verizon; Verizon will now offer shows from Adult Swim, Cartoon Network and truTV on “FiOS TV Online” within 24 hours after an episode airs on live television. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Teevox Turns Your iPhone Into A Computer TV Remote Control; the YCombinator-funded Teevox is an iPhone app that allows you to remotely control watching Hulu and Netflix on your computer. (TechCrunch)

Felicia Day Reroutes Her Career With The Guild; in three years, The Guild, a homemade comedy series about gamers playing a World of Warcraft-like virtual role-playing game, has gone from cute one-off to full-fledged phenomenon. (Fast Company)

Revenge of the TV Writers; in television, the writer rules, using the written word as a way to settle scores, keep high-maintenance actors in line and poke fun at anyone who gave them a hard time in junior high. (Wall Street Journal)

Online Video Advertising Is Reaching A “Frenzy Point”; some of the largest online video ad networks are seeing revenue growth accelerating this quarter, and expect the fourth quarter to be even bigger. (TechCrunch)