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New Apple Store Section Allows Mac Comparisons

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It can be difficult to decide which model is for you when it comes to purchasing a new Mac. Apple (s aapl) has tried to make the process a little less painful by adding a Mac comparison feature to the online Apple store.

The comparison page lets you choose up to three Macs via a popup window, select their individual specifications, and then compare each side-by-side. You can compare anything from the amount of hard drive space to physical dimensions. You can even view the environmental status reports.

Also handy is the ability to save the Macs you set up in the comparison to use later. All the options you choose are remembered once you sign into your Apple account, and you can restore them using the ‘select a Mac’ popup window. You can have any number of different set-ups stored in your account.

The addition of this useful feature should make the purchase of a new Apple computer go much more smoothly, especially for those new to Mac.

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