LaCie Debuts Wuala Sync


LaCie’s has announced the availability of a new feature for its cloud file storage service Wuala (which Om wrote about quite a while back when it was first launched): Wuala Sync. It allows users to automatically synchronize their files online and across multiple computers and operating systems. As well as the new Sync feature, LaCie has also redesigned the Wuala application interface to provide a simple platform for quick back-ups, file sharing and synchronization capabilities.

Sync is a “Pro” feature, so it isn’t available to users with free accounts. Pro accounts start at $29 for 10GB per year. In addition to Sync, Pro users also get backup, “time travel” and file versioning functionality.

Here’ a short demo video showing how Wuala Sync works:

Wuala differentiates itself from other cloud backup solutions as files stored in Wuala get encrypted directly on the user’s computer before they are stored online. This means that no-one, not even LaCie’s employees, can view or access the user’s private data. Wuala users can also increase the amount of storage they get by trading some of their local storage with the service.

If you’re a Wuala user, let us know what you think of Wuala Sync in the comments.
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I’ve been using Wuala for a little over 6 months, and had written a couple of scripts to do syncing. I’ve set up sync for a couple of folders and it works beautifully.

wrt the question about space limitations, I have a few computers around (a NAS box, my wife’s pc, and a music server) that I swap 50-100GB of unused space to my Wuala account, and since those boxes are on all the time (two are eee pc’s) I currently have just under 200GB of cloud storage.

I love you Wuala.


The file sharing feature looks great, but 10GB? Most laptop hard drives are between 320GB and 500GB – pro should get you at least 100GB. For backups, a service like Backblaze would be a much more economical option.

Andri Möll

One alternative that also tries to differentiate itself with client side encryption is SpiderOak (

@John Possibly they’re just trying to reduce the cost of their own backups by backing client data on other client’s computers. They mentioned that one copy is always kept on their servers. Or they’ll go the P2P way to reduce bandwidth, too.


How does Wuala make any money if you can just “trade storage?”


I’ve used Wuala for a few months now. I’m excited for the Sync ability (One of the only thing dropbox has on Wuala). I wanted to say that you can become a pro user (with time-travel, sync, etc.) by simply trading some local space 14% of the day. I’ve got 21GB of online storage and it hasn’t cost me a dime, only hard drive space I wasn’t using :)

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