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YouTube Revamps Its Most-Popular List With ‘Charts’

YouTube’s (S GOOG) most-viewed list has always been a good way to discover which videos and channels on the service users have become most attuned to. But it was also always sort of a jumble and difficult to navigate, especially when trying to find trending videos over the past day or week.

Well now the video site has simplified that process with “YouTube Charts,” a listing of the top videos and channels that can be filtered according to multiple criteria. YouTube Charts lets users filter through the most viewed, most subscribed and most liked videos over the last day, week, month and all time.

The new Charts page lists videos and channels in order vertically, unlike the previous most-popular list, which ordered the content in a grid formation. The listing also includes metadata such as video or channel description, number of views or subscribers, and how long ago a video was uploaded. The result is a much easier-to-understand approach to displaying the top performing videos and channels.

The update to YouTube’s most-popular list comes as the site has redesigned or revamped a number of its visual elements over the last several months. In January it redesigned its video pages for easier search and discovery of new videos, and updated its video player to make it more streamlined. The company also changed the way it handles comments to promote those that are most relevant and responses from video creators.

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