What We’re Reading About the Cloud: August 19


Hadoop, the big data analytics software is so hot right now. Heck, anything big data is so hot right now. Today’s links offer insights to Hadoop alternatives, how to use Hadoop and an endorsement of Microsoft’s platform as a service strategy.

10 Hadoop-able Problems (a Summary) (From Mike Pearce – Blog) This is a nice primer for anyone wondering how their companies might benefit from Hadoop. It has mainstream uses beyond what many think, and it even works in tandem with your existing database.

Microsoft Research Parallel Programming Project Set to Go Commercial in 2011 (From ZDNet) Don’t be surprised to see  Dryad as the basis of an analytics push. That market is approaching white-hot status, and Microsoft will want to differentiate its approach from Hadoop-based solutions.

What are Some Promising Open-source Alternatives to Hadoop for Map/Reduce? (From Quora) It’s a bit surprising that folks are already looking for Hadoop alternatives to run MapReduce jobs against data sets, but this Quora query provides some that might be useful for certain tasks.

What’s At Stake in the Big Data Revolution? (From InformationWeek) Vendors have a lot at stake, as data warehousing and analytics could become primary business workloads. Watch out for EMC, which now has a nice storage-analytics combo with Greenplum in the fold.

The Necessity of PaaS: Will Microsoft Be the Singapore of Cloud Computing? (From William Vambenepe’s Blog) This is a fair assessment of Microsoft’s PaaS chances, especially considering the author’s affiliation. PaaS is necessarily the future, so Microsoft’s decision not to focus on the past (IaaS) should prove wise.

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