Vevo Brings Music Videos to the iPhone

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Vevo released its first mobile app yesterday, making all of its music videos available on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The release makes those music videos available for the first time on the iPhone, where users previously didn’t have access to them without purchasing and downloading them from iTunes.

In addition to making Vevo’s entire library of 20,000 music videos and 7,000 artists available, the app also features exclusive videos, charts and original music programming. Users can create and save playlists so that they can easily access them on-the-go, and there are social features that allow users to share videos with friends through email, Facebook and Twitter. The app also hooks into the iTunes store, allowing users to purchase and download the music from videos they’re watching.

Since Vevo owns the streaming and mobile rights to all the songs in its catalog, the new app is the only way iPhone owners can view Lady Gaga, Kanye West or Justin Bieber videos on the mobile device. While music videos have long been popular on YouTube (s GOOG), which still makes up a large portion of Vevo’s overall traffic, they were not previously available on the YouTube iPhone app. This was due to the fact that YouTube didn’t have rights from the record labels to display those videos on mobile handsets.

While iPhone owners finally have access to that content, users of other mobile devices will have to wait before accessing their favorite Ke$ha videos. According to Vevo’s blog announcement, the iPad is next up for an app release, and an Android app is also on its way.

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