Green Overdrive Video: The Homemade Electric Porsche!


For Jeff McCabe, turning a muscle-y Porsche into an electric vehicle became an obsession about weight. Pound-by-pound McCabe stripped off unnecessary gear (and some actual gears) — electronics, flip up headlights, even the glass windows — from his Porsche. In all he stripped out 1,700 lbs, and then filled it with lithium ion batteries to power the car. Add in a plug and an electrifying paint job and you’ve got: The Electric Porsche! It’s rad and so is McCabe’s attention to detail.



Funny story,
Went to home depot today and parked next to a funny looking porsche car with lightning bolts on it. Thought it was pretty cool to see an electric porsche but didn’t know anything else about it. Get home later and see a link on Engadget for this very article. Very interesting. Would have talked to the guy had I know all the work he put in.


Very cool video ! Im sorry I didnt give you a drive on the track. I think it would of changed your idea of the performance ability. I had been on the track three sessions already and I wanted to make sure my pack got charged up for the 70 mile drive home.
Thanks again for the interest.


Nice, but hardly original. If you think this is notable, then you would have to be impressed that the current CTO at Tesla (JB Straubel) actually converted a Porsche 944 to electric way back in the late 90s while still in school at Stanford. Some of us saw him drive it from time to time back then. Of course, this was before youtube and self promotion via internet video.

Katie Fehrenbacher

Bummer, I didn’t get to see it drive – but Im pretty sure it’s not all that fast. He said top speed was 85 miles per hour, cause he only left 2nd and 3rd gears in the gearbox! He said if he left 4th and 5th gears in it could go another 30 mph faster.

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