Video: LogMeIn for iPad — Touch Enable any Computer

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Are you the de facto IT support guy for your family? Do relatives call you up every time their home computer starts misbehaving? There’s an app for that — LogMeIn Ignition –that lets you sit down at Mom’s computer and fix her problem, even if you’re 1,000 miles away. LogMeIn was recently updated to add full touch support on the iPad, and it makes fixing that bad computer as easy as touching the screen. Watch this video and see how LogMeIn can make you the family hero on a regular basis.


LogMeIn Ignition is a remote control app for mobile platforms that makes it possible to take control of any  computer as if the user was sitting in front of it. It is particularly useful for support staff who need to log into other computers to perform troubleshooting, and make fixes for problems that others are experiencing. There are versions for the iPhone, Android phones and the iPad.

The video demonstrates touch operation on the iPad while controlling a Windows 7 PC and a MacBook running OS X. The control is done by touching anywhere on the remote desktop to make things happen, along with advanced operations such as zooming, scrolling and panning using fingertip control. It shows how LogMeIn for the iPad turns any Windows or Mac into a touch computer, as long as the remote system is on the web. So the next time Mom calls you with a PC problem, you can solve it from your living room without putting down your precious iPad.

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