Coming Soon: fringOut For Cheap Calls

Want yet another way to make very cheap phone calls? Try fring, which today launched a preview version of its upcoming fringOut service that will allow you to call almost anywhere in the world for a penny a minute. Yup, you heard that right: 1 cent a minute to almost anyplace on the planet. Of course in some places, the per-minute prices are going to be higher. Like SkypeOut, fringOut is a way to call folks who aren’t using fring on their landlines or mobile phones. The only catch for this new service: it’s available only on Nokia (s nok) handsets.

I wonder if the launch of this ultra-low cost service is a way for fring to disrupt Skype’s SkypeOut gravy train, especially ahead of Skype’s IPO. I mean, if this thing gets traction or other mobile VoIP providers start to lower prices in retaliation, even Skype would have to play the price game, which in turn would impact its (current) main source of revenue.

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