For YouTube, the Money Is in Music


YouTube is clocking more than three billion monetizable video views with its top 2,500 publishing partners alone every month, according to new data from Tubemogul. The video measurement and monetization startup analyzed the YouTube leaderboards and found that the video site has seen 72.1 billion views generated by its top 2,500 partners.

These top earners include both major publishers like VEVO and CBS, as well as YouTube stars like Ray William Johnson. However, I was told by Tubemogul’s David Burch that most of the views are generated by a few major publishers. “31.9 percent of all views come from the top five music labels,” he told me via email, adding that the top 100 publishers are responsible for 69.3 percent of the views. VEVO alone is responsible for 20.5 percent of all views.

YouTube’s partner program can be joined by invitation only, and publishers that have joined the program see a split of the advertising displayed with their clips. YouTube hasn’t disclosed how many of its publishers have joined its partner program, so we don’t exactly know how much of a long tail the program has. However, even the available data shows some solid growth, with views of the top 2,500 partners growing by 6.06 percent per month.

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