Feature Phones Rule the Mobile Web: Millennial Media


When we think of the mobile web, we naturally think of smartphones, but new statistics from Millennial Media show advertisers better not overlook other devices. Smartphones accounted for a respectable 49 percent of ad impressions in July, but feature phones and “connected devices” generated the other 51 percent. The mobile ad firm defines a connected device as any non-phone gadget capable of accessing the web. That would include the PSP (s sne), Nintendo DS, iPod Touch and the iPad (s aapl).

Removing everything but smartphones from the numbers broken down by platforms show that Android (s goog) nudged past the RIM (s rimm) OS — 19 percent to 16 percent — while iPhones received 55 percent of all ad impressions in July. That’s a 47 percent growth for Android over the previous month, while iOS only grew 24 percent. The momentum is shifting toward Android as more smartphones get into the hands of consumers.

A fourth of consumers accessing the mobile web do so through Wi-Fi hotspots rather than using mobile broadband, and the breakdown of those accessing through a telco shows no clear-winning U.S. network. Web usage (according to ad impressions served) varied only from 8 percent to 12 percent across all telcos, with even smaller companies like Cricket (s LEAP) showing near parity with the big boys. Despite AT&T being the exclusive carrier of the iPhone, and that iOS comprises 55 percent of total ads viewed, AT&T (s t) only accounted for 10 percent of the total web access. This would indicate that the majority of iOS device owners do so via Wi-Fi.

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