Dazzboard Aims To Solve Usability Issue Of Connecting Phones To PCs


Finnish-based Dazzboard is moving to Sunnyvale, Calif. where it will be closer to Google (NSDQ: GOOG) and work closely on solving one of the bigger problems facing the Android platform: How do you make it easy to transfer content between the phone, the PC and other devices and cloud-based services, like social networks?

While the problem is not exclusive to Google and affects other manufacturers, as well, Google is an easy target now that its shipping thousands of devices a day and uses open source. Google has said it intends on providing a better solution for transferring content, but Dazzboard’s CEO Tero Salonen, said they are still waiting. “With 200,000 new Android smartphones coming out to the market everyday, it doesn



….and maybe stop buying 700$ Apple devices just so its easy to buy and manage content from iTunes!

Steve Vader

I think the big deal is it’s within the browser and a tiny plug-in. Better than the desktop apps I had installed. Identified all my devices by name, worked perfectly with a symbian and android phone, dragged and dropped books and music to the Kindle. Maybe people will finally find a reason to visit a carrier’s site again and go outside iTunes to buy stuff!

K. Wilveney

What’s the Big Deal here??? I can’t see how this merits such grand announcements, when the Android Market is full of free (and some paid – but cheap) apps that do this already, and some do more. I have a few of those installed – wired and wireless, and they can move around more than “videos, music and pictures” – in fact, any file regardless of extension and format, from anywhere to anywhere.

What’s so unique and unavailable from other apps that makes Dazzboard worth talking about?

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