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Myna: A Surprisingly Good Online Audio Editor

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Earlier today, I stumbled across Myna, an online audio editor for remixing tracks or creating your own audio clips. Normally, I am skeptical of such online audio tools — they tend to be tricky to use, crash-prone and lacking functionality — but Myna is by Aviary, the folks who’ve created some very fine online image editing tools, so I decided to give it a whirl. I have to say that I’m impressed; while it doesn’t have the power and functionality of dedicated desktop apps like GarageBand (s aapl), it’s snappy, easy to use, and capable of producing some impressive results.

Myna is Flash-based (s adbe). The layout of the app should be familiar if you’ve used other audio editing tools, but shouldn’t be hard to figure out even if you haven’t: there’s a timeline across the top of the screen (that can be set to display in beats/bars or in minutes/seconds), while down the side is a number of tracks that you can place your audio clips on.

You can bring in audio clips in a few different ways: importing them from your computer, recording them from a microphone or using Myna’s fairly extensive built-in library. Clips can be dragged and dropped onto the tracks and moved about as required. You can also edit the clips (trim, loop and stretch) and add a limited range of non-destructive effects, such as reverb. Automation can be added to each track to provide fade ins/outs and panning. Once you’re happy with your mix, you can save it to Aviary’s server (which also allows you to share your creation with others) and also export it to your desktop as a WAV or MP3 file.

Here’s a short demo video showing Myna in use:

There’s also a nicely done demo track that you can check out here.

Myna is by far the best online audio editor that I’ve seen. It’s free to use. Users should note that the licensing of the audio content in the included library of clips state that those clips cannot be used for commercial purposes.

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