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GetGlue for Android Shares What You’re Watching, Reading and Hearing

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GetGlue, a social network for entertainment, today launches its mobile application for Google Android (s goog) handsets, adding another smartphone platform to leverage its more than 5 million user recommendations and check-ins. The company is also announcing a new mobile site for GetGlue users on non-supported smartphone platforms such as Windows Mobile (s msft), BlackBerry (s rimm) and webOS (s hpq). Both the new Android (s goog) software and mobile site join an existing iOS (s aapl) application in helping the GetGlue community find the most appealing entertainment activities.

Much like Foursquare, GetGlue users “check in” but instead of sharing location, share and recommend media such as television shows and movies. That sounds similar to Miso, a social network to recommend TV programming that also has an Android app, but a GetGlue user can also share book titles, video games or music that’s playing. In addition, it supports recommendations such as the wine someone is drinking or the celebrity hogging the topic of conversations. And again like Foursquare, GetGlue offers points, leaderboards and badges — called stickers — for such check-ins.

After my first check-in using the application this morning on my Google Nexus One, I landed the “Droider” virtual badge of honor. I like how GetGlue shows empty placeholders for all of the stickers you can earn, which differs from Foursquare. Here I can see the exclusive movie stickers, for example. Too bad I didn’t know about GetGlue before I saw Despicable Me, or I could have had a “mini-minion” badge on my handset.

Indeed, I expect GetGlue’s stickers to be more dynamic in the range of offerings, mainly because media tends to have a shorter shelf-life than a physical location does. To that end, GetGlue is today adding new stickers in conjunction with the Android application: Revision3, HBO, Showtime (s twx), Barnes and Noble (s bks), Universal, Thrillist, FEARNet and TV Squad all have their own stickers ready for the taking. Such relationships with media outlets and retailers could be a revenue generator for GetGlue, which shares another trait with Foursquare: figuring out how to make money with a free social recommendation service.

Making money is a difficult proposition for any recommendation service like GetGlue, not just because of the search for a business model, but also because competition is huge. Facebook has over 500 million registered users already sharing recommended media and activities. Ironically, when I signed up for GetGlue on my Android phone this morning, the first option I saw was one to connect the application to Facebook, so I now have competing recommendation services feeding one another.

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