7-inch iPad Could Be Bigger Than the Original


You have to love the Asian gadget supply chain, as it frequently divulges information about upcoming products. The Economic Daily News of Taiwan is reporting that construction of a 7-inch iPad has begun, which could point to a launch in time for the holidays. The companies reported to be working on the little iPad will not comment, as Apple (s aapl) requires absolute secrecy. This publication had correctly reported that Apple was working on the original iPad before launch, so it’s a source with a track record.

This iPad could be a bigger seller than the original if it comes to pass, for a number of reasons. It would most likely be cheaper to produce than the bigger iPad, as components should be less expensive in bulk. The IPS screen used in the iPad is not the cheapest type in use, and a 7-inch screen should be cheaper than the 9.7-inch used in the original iPad.

The smaller tablet would be more portable than the larger sibling, and that should resonate well with consumers. It would be lighter as a result, and more comfortable to use in the hands for extended periods. This would not be a sacrifice over using the bigger iPad, given the screen is not that much smaller. This would make the littler iPad shine as an e-book reader, as it would be closer to the size of the Kindle (s amzn) and other dedicated readers.

Apple would need to keep the screen resolution the same, even though the display is slightly smaller. The current resolution (1024×768) is as low as practical for full-featured devices. Keeping the same resolution would insure that all iPad apps would run on the smaller model without modification.

Image credit: iLounge.com

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The iPad is an amazing device. Unfortunately they put so much hype into how magical and revolutionary it is that it leaves a bad taste in your mouth long after the sweet candy coating wears off.

I love the iPad. Weight, size and battery life are phenomenal. I purchased it to use it at work and after it butchered all my spreadsheets I tossed it in my closet and got a tablet pc.

I miss the iPad but only when i’m not using my tablet. :D

I pray someone finds a way to run a fat free windows OS on this bad boy. LOL! or just a real Office suite for starters.

I know I know……the iPad is a consumer oriented product and not a business one…It just has so much damn potential if steve would open the flood gates.


I would be the first in line to buy a 7 inch ipad. Screw the retina display. I want the better higher rez 1024×768 iPad screen.

Raymond Padilla

A cheaper iPad would sell like crazy, but I’d love one with a 7″ Retina Display and a camera. I don’t care if it cost the same as the 9.7″ models.


Add a digitizer for all us students please! Or some third party make an accessory that will let us use these devices for more than just consumption

Big Bad John

This would be an awesome move by Steve. Just another reason to show how much smarter he is than all those doubters and haters who love to criticize about what is missing in the iPad, how it is not better than their netbook,blah blah blah, but never give it credit for opening a new market and stealing huge netbook sales (ask ASUS CEO for proof). Sorry ladies but bigger is not better for this handy device.


I’ll tell you a huge market for this device. All the families with one iPad that have learned how amazing this device is for kids. If Apple can cut the price in half, or nearly so, I’d buy one for each – just so that I can stop having them use mine.


I saw the headline on this and thought maybe they were going to add a physical keyboard or something. :)

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