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VirusTotal Gets Firefox Add-on

VirusTotal is a comprehensive online virus scanning tool that you can use to check out suspicious files. The service now has an accompanying Firefox add-on, VTzilla, that enables users to scan files prior to downloading them, and can also scan suspicious URLs.

VirusTotal is a useful tool, but the Firefox add-on is even better, because it makes the process of checking potentially malicious links and files seamless. After installing the add-on, you’ll see that you now have a “Scan with VirusTotal” option in your contextual (right-click) menu:Scanning a URL with VirusTotal runs the URL through several URL analysis tools (TRUSTe, Google Safebrowsing, Phishtank and others) and returns the results. You’ll also be alerted if any VirusTotal community members have flagged the site as potentially dodgy:

If the link is a file, you can click the “View dowloaded file analysis” link, which will upload the file to VirusTotal and return a comprehensive rundown of the file in various different antivirus tools — all without downloading the file onto your machine.

You’ll also notice that a “Scan with VirusTotal” option has been added to Firefox’s “Open File” menu, which should make it pretty hard to forget to scan any suspicious-looking files before downloading them:

(Note: VTzilla is not yet compatible with the beta of Firefox 4)

Let us know what you think of VTzilla in the comments.

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