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The big web infrastructure makeover, which includes the rise of cloud computing, has been an area of much focus for us. From our coverage of the industry to our industry-leading Structure conference, we have been trying to cover what our dear friend and well known author Nick Carr callsthe big shift.”

Over past few months, there has been substantial interest in web infrastructure and cloud computing. It means it’s time for us to build a dedicated space for the sector, and for that purpose we are launching The Structure Blog, which will follow the industry closely. It resides at Cloud.GigaOM.Com. (As a GigaOM reader, nothing really changes for you.)

On the blog, we’re not only covering some of the daily developments in the industry, we’re also looking to profile people behind many of these companies, as well as look deeply into how startups can use cloud computing to their benefit. As part of this effort, we have invited folks like Jon Boutelle, CTO of SlideShare, to share the lessons learned from building a startup by using Amazon’s (s amzn) Web Services.

We will also be featuring videos and presentations on this blog. I recommend you watch this video of Amazon CTO Werner Vogels giving a State of the Cloud speech at our conference. We’ll be surfacing more videos from our conference(s), along with new videos we continue to record in our studio. You can subscribe just to the Structure Blog feed, or get all the articles as part of the full GigaOM feed. All story headlines will be sent to you via the GigaOM Twitter account if that’s how you like to get your GigaOM fix. Of course, you can follow us on Twitter @StructureBlog.

I look forward to working closely with you!

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It’s been a month or so since last I nudged you about revitalizing the GigaOm channel at iTunes.

The more videos you add, the better that avenue of distribution should serve you.

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