GetJar Enables Mobile App Recommendations to Get Social

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GetJar might not be the first name that comes to mind when consumers think “app store,” but the San Mateo, Calif.-based company is garnering developer attention. GetJar today announced that mobile downloads of Photobucket, a popular image hosting and photo sharing site, have increased 2,500 percent with GetJar’s new App It! service. Photobucket’s growth is helped by GetJar’s App It! service because it provides one web link for the Photobucket mobile application on multiple platforms. That one link is ready to be shared across social networks to spread the word for good applications, says GetJar.

The secret sauce of GetJar’s service — which was poised to, and has now served, over one billion downloads — is the back-end system. When a consumer clicks an App It! link, GetJar determines which platform is making the request — Android (s goog), BlackBerry (s rimm) or feature phone, for example — and intelligently serves up a download for the proper phone operating system. The multi-platform App It! links serve another purpose when tied to social networks and viral marketing because one link can be shared with with friends, regardless of the devices they use.

Indeed, much like the popular Facebook and Twitter buttons enable sharing of information or photos, the same approach could be leveraged with GetJar application links. Ilja Laurs, CEO and founder of GetJar, envisions such consumer marketing, saying in a press release today, “GetJar is committed to providing the third button every website should have: Share it on Facebook, Retweet it on Twitter, and now, App It! on GetJar. The viral way of sharing apps across any platform, handset, carrier or country will simply be: Just App it!”

Finding and recommending mobile applications is becoming more of challenge as application store catalogs grow in size. While GetJar is looking at social sharing, Apple (s aapl) has recently added the Genius feature to its iTunes App Store for iPads, while Google (s GOOG) is relying on third-party app recommendation systems and traditional rating systems in its Android Market for now. Nearly all app stores are offering some method to share apps with friends, but most methods rely on email, rather than social networking sharing like GetJar is enabling.

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For sharing apps, the service i like best is appsfire and appstream in iPad

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