Nokia Re-Booting Comes With Music Under Ovi Brand


Nokia (NYSE: NOK) is getting ready to re-brand its unlimited-free-music service Comes With Music as part of its Ovi services suite, after failing to make much of a success of it in its two years.

It’s a bit of an embarrassment, since Nokia had put what it called “a very major marketing investment” in to Comes With Music — likely a heavy outlay, with ad buys across London taxis, billboards and TV spots across Europe and elsewhere.

But, since announcing launch in 2007, Nokia has developed its services ambitions in to an integrated portfolio now named Ovi, so renaming it Ovi Music Unlimited, as it has told users it will do (via AllAboutSymbian), makes perfect sense. Comes With Music can now nestle with Maps, Calendar, Ovi Player etc.

One niggle remains — is Ovi itself a good brand for Nokia’s services and content? Anecdotal — the other night, my significant other asked: “What’s Ovi?”… whilst watching an Ovi TV commercial!.

The music switch is not just about names. Nokia’s promising “a slick new look that is even easier to use”.

The service offers users free music downloads to their registered PC and mobile for the life of a 12-, 18- or 24-month contract, keepable (but not moveable) after expiry.

The change must be more than cosmetic. After about seven months, Comes With Music had only about 107,000 users across nine countries, according to unofficial figures obtained at the time (official ones aren’t given). Speculation about wider changes than just the name will centre on whether Nokia will drop DRM or switch to a streaming model.

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That 107k is still well below expectations, even without the China and India numbers. The unlimited music idea is no longer relevant with the amount of smartphones on the market. Nokia needs to chalk this up as a loss and move on


after China came on board and India and Russia, the user figure you quoted is way low……get your facts straight


You can transfer a Comes with Music after the expiry, indeed you cannot transfer the device during the period. It states you can do this for at least two years. The concern is that if anything goes wrong after two years it will not be music for life.

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