Weekend Poll: What’s Next For Netflix?


This week’s news that Netflix has struck a licensing agreement with pay TV network Epix has gotten praise from Netflix customers who are now looking forward to streaming movies like Star Trek and Iron Man, but also worried some analysts who think that Netflix paid too much for Epix.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has been saying for a long time that he wants to spend more on online rights, and Epix was one of the three entities he singled out during a recent earnings call as a potential licensing partner. Who were the other two? I’m glad you asked: HBO and Showtime.

Of course, that brings up an interesting question: Who is gonna be next after Epix? Which company would be beneficial for Netflix to strike a deal with, and what do you personally want to see added to the Watch Instantly catalog? We decided to compile a little poll to find out. Feel free to elaborate in the comments.

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How about some Linux support finally? I know this is as much Microsoft’s fault as it is Netflix’s, but it’s something that CAN be worked out nonetheless.


Uhm, Weeds and Dexter are already streaming on Netflix. Just not all seasons unfortunately. Dexter especially needs some more seasons added.


I would like some of the older WB shows added. Such as Everwood, Felicity, Dawson’s Creek, and Gilmore Girls. Great job on already adding Buffy, Angel,Jack & Bobby, and Roswell.


Even in an informal poll, why would ANYone pick HBO over Showtime? Are they really not reading the original shows that are on Showtime? These are knockouts, all of them, including ones not mentioned.

All HBO has now is True Blood, and it is clearly no match for Showtime’s incredible lineup.

I’m sick of waiting 9 months, and having every one of these shows thoroughly spoiled for me. It’s about time that I was able to stream them next day. These networks (last time I checked) already have jumped into streaming on their own websites… it wouldn’t be hard to make the transition at all.


Well it is coming. I can’t wait either but you know when a commpany says the summer, they mean the last possible minute of the last possible hour of the last possible day of the summer. Standard PR talk.

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