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Vid-Biz: Net Neutrality, MySpace Music Video App, Cable iPad Apps

Net Neutrality Divides Media Companies; most media companies have stayed mute on the subject of net neutrality, but media mogul Barry Diller called the Google-Verizon proposal a sham. (NY Times)

MySpace Launches Romeo Music Video App; the app allows users to choose from 15 music genres such as pop or hip-hop, and 13 moods including “chill” and “studying.” (WebProNews)

Cable Firms Look to Tablet Computers; at least seven of the ten largest subscription-TV providers in the U.S. are building new tablet-computer apps that offer select TV shows and movies. (Wall Street Journal)

Hollywood: Open Net Can’t Be Pirate Haven; Hollywood studios told the FCC Thursday that reclassifiying broadband access is not necessary to achieve an open Internet, and is not a desirable method of achieving that public policy goal. (Multichannel News)

How Is 3D TV Doing? Some Data From Japan; in Japan, prices for 3D TVs offered by the two most aggressive manufacturers, Panasonic and Sony, have fallen 20% and more since they were introduced back in spring this year. (CrunchGear)

Verizon and AT&T Ban BitTorrent On Wireless Networks; BitTorrent and other types of evil traffic have already been banned for years by Verizon, AT&T and others. (TorrentFreak)