Green Overdrive: Wrightspeed’s Tesla-Lapping Race [video]


For this week’s episode of our weekly video series Green Overdrive we bring you an up close look at Wrightspeed’s electric prototype high performance race car the X1! Wrightspeed’s founder Ian Wright, one of the original founding members of electric car maker Tesla, built the prototype as a way to develop hybrid drive train tech for race car makers and one day truck manufacturers. Watch Wright pass a Tesla Roadster and show us the ins and outs of the X1, which he says he commonly drives his kids to school in. Check out all our episodes of Green Overdrive here.



Is this another ‘tease’ video or is that all you’ve got Katie? I was looking forward to a full lap on-board the X1 to see some of this legendary 0-60 performance.

Ben Sloss

It’s not news when a 1500 lb race chassis on DOT slicks gets the wave-by from a 2700 lb street car on street tires, but it’s still a fun video clip to watch :) I’m curious what lap times the Electron (chassis is an Atom, power is electricity..) was turning in at Laguna? It would let us compare it to other well-known performance cars.


Great vid Katie, thanks for asking good questions. BTW, did he happen to mention the future motor supplier?


So a two seater electric motorcycle with no DOT safety gear passes up a production Tesla. What’s the point?

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