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Virgin And Sky Involved In Connected-TV Spec Development

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Virgin Media (NSDQ: VMED) and BSkyB (NYSE: BSY) have been helping shape specs related to the Canvas connected-TV project, though each opposes it and the former has complained Canvas is anti-competitive.

A spokesperson for the Digital Television Group (DTG), whose industry members have been reviewing the Canvas consortium’s proposed specification alongside its own, wider proposed standard, tells paidContent:UK…

“Phase A of the DTG

One Response to “Virgin And Sky Involved In Connected-TV Spec Development”

  1. futurethis

    In ten years time my prediction is that we will be watching movies on our walls. There will be a phase where old films and tv content got “mashed up” and became an accepted new art form.

    This is what happened to archive content.

    Newly made content, had to exceptionally good to generate “buzz” but the old stuff was interesting when put in new presentations and had an audience legacy from that which could be tapped into.

    At the moment the younger (future) people are watching the tv and surfing the net at the same time…
    Things have to be very good already to prompt full attention on the tv…