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The 10-Year View: UK Magazine Sales Close To A Decade Low

The sector’s Periodical Publishers Association says latest figures show “an improving outlook for the UK consumer magazine sector”.

Really… ?

January-to-June *ABC* magazine sales are up by a slim 0.3 percent from last year’s historic low of 23.8 million to 24.5 million.

But, looking back at a broader sweep of sales data, as we have done, you see that this year’s sales are the second worst in a decade.

Sales had been fairly consistent during the first half of the decade, but started falling off a cliff in 2005, which, coincidentally, can be fingered as the Year The Internet Went Truly Mainstream in the UK.

The PPA is using the word “robust” to describe July-to-December sales figures, which were down 1.3 percent from last year. Flat truly is the new up.

Many mags – notably those from Future – are trying to cast themselves as premium products with things like “3D HD” covers and timeless bookazines.

2 Responses to “The 10-Year View: UK Magazine Sales Close To A Decade Low”

  1. Carolyn Morgan

    Multiplatform stats will provide an idea of the overall reach of a media brand, but the content and experience of a print magazine vs digital edition vs mobile app is quite different, so they can’t be aggregated into a single figure. I know ABC are looking at this whole area, but with many different platforms it’s going to be complex…