JoliCloud Finally Launches

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JoliCloud, the much talked-about cloud client OS, is making its debut today with the release of the official 1.0 milestone, and is now available for general release. JoliCloud is an operating system combined with a user interface that allows people to access web services as if accessing an app on their smartphones.

JoliCloud is based on Linux, and is looking to go after cloud clients such as netbooks and tablets. However, the Paris-based company started by former Netvibes founder Tariq Krim is also exploring ways to recycle old computers and make them cloud compatible — targeting an economically sensitive demographic. Krim thinks web OS-based machines are going to find favor in the educational realm as well.

For those of you waiting for Google’s (s goog) Chrome, for now this might be a better option that allows you to work with various different Web-based services. (Download the OS)

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Thanks for your review. I’ve only used it for about 2 hours while I wrote this post and I didn’t experience any crashes.

Did you experience the USB automount issue too? I’m curious to see if it’s only a remote issue or it’s happening on a large scale.

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