Updated: Ex SpinVox CEO At Helm Of Reformed Social Start-Up


Former SpinVox CEO Christina Domecq is back in business, and searching for gold, sort of.

She has been named CEO of Phreadz Inc, which, according to corporate databases, is “an exploration-stage corporation” previously in the business of acquiring mining claims and which held a solitary, now-expired right to mine for gold at a site in British Columbia.

Via Thomson Reuters: “On April 27, 2010, Phreadz USA, LLC and Universal Database of Music USA, LLC completed a reverse merger with Phreadz, Inc., formerly Atwood Mining and Minerals Corp.”

Mining’s likely not the real seam this business is tapping. The original Phreadz is actually an attempted social multimedia startup created by former Podcast.com CTO Jonathan Kossmann. Universal Database of Music has been a music-recommendations project developed by audio technologist Jacque Krischer over the last few years.

Kossman and Krischer are presidents of the new-look Phreadz, which has been formed out of the mining company. It’s unclear what it’s setting out to do that may be different from Phreadz’s rather stalled efforts to date. Update: Kossman has gone


Domecq is getting a $250,000 salary plus stock and options worth $1.5 million, according to its filing.

SpinVox was an otherwise well-regarded UK voicemail-to-text company that raised over $200 million in investment and struck some deals with carriers and other customers. But it struggled financially last year as scepticism grew about its algorithms, before shareholder complaints prompted a board-level investigation that concluded Domecq’s use of company expenses had effectively created a “current account” between her and it.

It led Domecq to pay back £125,000. SpinVox was acquired by Nuance in December for $102.9 million. Its technology is now being used in Nuance’s own offerings.



Christina Domecq has re-emerged, now in Grey Lynn in Auckland, NZ.  She
certainly picks nice places to live, having fled from Westchester, NY
(New Horizons) and Marlow, UK (SpinVox).  Wonder what she’s up to now.  

 Quite an adventurer, but never beyond the reach of Google


Kosso blogs with legit complaint about SpinVox without disclosing his 2 degrees of separation through the wonderful Christina Domecq

it domecq sense

They should get rid of Christina Domecq as soon as possible, before she drains this startup of all its funds, like she did with Spinvox, spending it all on ridiculous bonuses, yachts, parties, flights, cars and gifts.

She’s a crook. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She’ll be in jail like her father very soon.

People who invest in this woman are fools who do not do their due diligence.


This women is completely incompetent and will surely end up in prison like her father one day… I would look towards those involved in bringing her on board as to their motives?

a phread head


After 18 months of faultless operation…PHREADZ IS NO LONGER WORKING:


It seems that the icy fingers of Notorious Christina Domecq have already taken hold of Phreadz and choked the life out of it.

Domecq is just one (1) month into her position as CEO and already Founder & President

Jon Kossmann jumps overboard; resigning …due to LACK OF FAITH??

(Leaving what looks like a sinking ship)
Phreadz Headz Unite

Stop the destruction of this wonderful Multimedia ecosystem.
Phreadz deserves to live!


Well, there is an opportunity to nip it in the bud now. Get the word out

a phread head

This seems like a real tragedy!
Looking a lot like “Big business corporate mentality ” at its worst.
How can anyone lose the faith and confidence of the inventor and founder SO quickly?
Makes no sense at all at first reading.
Can anyone make things clear here?

Captain Obvious

A reverse merger with a defunct mining company and a new CEO with a history of raiding expense accounts, not to mention wasting millions of investor $. Sounds like a stellar investment opportunity to me.


And just what country is she in now? Didn’t they check out her background? Are these people NUTS!
But like I said, if the British Government didn’t put her on trial and in jail, she would just go somewhere else and do it again. I know this woman, I know her well, and she is a first class crook! It just amazes me how she can just hop from one situation to another and do the same scam over and over. I really am beginning to think it must be connections her father is serving time for and not giving up to the authorities. This is really something else!

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