Widevine DRM Embedded in Sling Set-tops, Other CE Devices

Widevine announced this morning that its DRM technology has been chosen to be embedded in EchoStar (s SATS) SlingLoaded set-top boxes and other consumer electronics devices. The deal will give an extra layer of copyright protection to video that is being place-shifted from user’s home TV sets to whatever device they’re watching video on.

The deal initially will allow EchoStar to protect video streams between a user’s home and a desktop PC, laptop or supported smart phones with Sling applications installed. Sling thus far has deployed applications to allow place-shifted viewing on Apple iPhone (s AAPL), Windows Mobile (s MSFT) and Blackberry (s RIMM) mobile devices. The company also introduced its own series of CE devices earlier this year at CES.

There’s also the potential for Sling to expand the number of gadgets upon which users can view content streamed by their SlingLoaded devices. Widevine already has a foothold with a number of CE manufacturers, and its DRM is used for distribution to products from Apple, Haier, LG Electronics, Nintendo, Philips, Samsung and Toshiba, as well as the makers of more than 50 different set-top boxes.

The deal comes as EchoStar corporate sibling Dish Network (s DISH) has begun offering SlingLoaded DVRs to its subscribers, two years after the product was first announced. And it is looking to expand the number of devices where viewers can watch that content, including soon rolling out an application for the iPad.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Fred von Lohmann.

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