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Video: Interview with SUPEREGO Creators Will Janowitz and Ryan Homchick

My Damn Channel celebrated its three year anniversary this month with $4.4 million in Series B financing and a huge slate of new content. Launching as part of that was the new comedy series SUPEREGO, produced by Fox Television’s 15 Gigs.

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Created and written by Will Janowitz and Ryan Homchick, SUPEREGO stars Janowitz as Dr. Charlie Knight, an unconventional therapist whose approach to treating his patients might be considered psychotic. The series uses a framing device of a Charlie Rose-style interview to link together episodes, but the bulk of its laughs from Dr. Knight’s outrageous behavior, which pushes the boundaries of believability but does include a few good punchlines. It helps that the patients are just as ridiculous as their doctor.

Janowitz should look familiar to fans of great television — he played Meadow’s boyfriend Finn on The Sopranos, and just this Sunday guest-starred on Mad Men as the stand-up comedian heckled by a drunk Lane Pryce.

In the video interview below, Janowitz (in person) and Homchick (via phone) discuss the series’s development with 15 Gigs, the relationship with My Damn Channel and what the future might hold for the Charlie Knight character.

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