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Need to covert a file from one format to another and don’t want to have to bother with downloading a dedicated conversion program? Check out, a free online file converter that can convert files into a huge number of popular formats.  It can successfully convert various audio, video, e-book and image files, and can even create video files suitable for specific mobile devices, such as the the iPhone (s aapl) and the PSP (s sne).

It’s simple to use — just upload your file and (optionally) specify some settings depending on the type of file that you’re converting, such as bitrate or audio quality. The site will then convert your file and provide you with a download link (for phones that support it, the site also provides QR codes for downloading the file). I tested the service out with a few different file types (I tried MP4 to OGG,  XLS to PDF and MP3 to FLAC conversion, among others) and it worked well. While you have to wait for a the file to be uploaded and processed before you can download your converted file, it’s probably still going to be faster and less effort than finding, downloading and installing a dedicated conversion program.

Note that converted files are available on the web, so you probably wouldn’t want to use the service for anything confidential. There is an uploaded file size limit of 100 MB, and the download link is valid for three days or 10 downloads, whichever comes first.

What tools do you use for file conversion?

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