Dell Streak Hits U.S., AT&T Aug. 12


It seems as if we’ve been waiting forever for the Dell (s dell) Streak to hit the U.S., but the wait is over. Dell will start selling the 5-inch handheld tablet on Aug. 12, either through partnership with AT&T for $299.99 (contract required) or $549.99 without a carrier. The Streak is trying to decide if it is a smartphone, as it can function just like one, or as a tablet given its large size.

The Streak has a 5-inch display (800×480), which is bigger than smartphones, yet can easily be used in the hands as a tablet. There’s onboard Bluetooth, so users could easily use it as a phone with a headset, which would make more sense, as it would be clunky held to the head for phone use.

The Streak is powered by a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, with 2 GB of internal storage for loading apps. That’s important, as the Streak is fully compatible with the thousands of Android Market (s goog) apps. The storage can be augmented by the user by using the integrated microSD slot. While the Streak is bigger than smartphones, it’s still svelte at only 6.0 x 3.1 x 0.4 inches.

The subsidized pricing through AT&T (s t) requires a 2-year contract with a smartphone voice and data plan, so it will be interesting to see if buyers try to use this largish device as their only phone. There’s no mobile hotspot ability mentioned in the Dell information provided, so that’s a consideration for those trying to choose between the Streak and other Android smartphones currently available.

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a) can it be used as a mifi-type device (is that what you meant by mobile hotspot)? even just bluetooth tethering would be enough, but wifi tethering would be even better.

b) can it use a bluetooth keyboard? pairing it with a thumb keybaord could make it a nice little pocket-netbook, especially if you can figure out a way to clip them together.

c) what type of headphone jack? does it have a mic (so you can use wired headsets instead of bluetooth ones)?

d) can you get a data-only plan for it? AT&T used to have those… even if it doesn’t qualify for the subsidy, that might be good.


I will start by saying I am biased.
I have been tracking the darn device for over a year. Heck we have seen it for ages.
It had the WORST release any device ever had with misleading and wrong announcements coming to us from the official Dell blog.
Actually if you want entertainment go to the direct2dell blog and read what the followers were saying:
And if you seek news coverage go here for some education (I wouldn’t miss it if I were you):
Anyway, the device they are going to sell is just for AT&T now and it is NOT locked. LOL. And for 550$ you get an old 1.6 OS with no definite OTA updates for 2.1 and 2.2 is probably a long term dream.
I bought on Saturday in Canada Bell the Vibrant. Its the European model of the Galaxy S and it has a working front facing camera. Its a wonderful device and I can recommend it for anyone thinking how much Dell crewed this release.

Kevin B

I bought one of the beta Streaks today (ironic, I know!) off Craigslist. I’m using it on T-Mobile’s 2G service. So far, it’s a beast of a phone – a real monster. But I knew that’s what I was getting into! :)
I’m a big guy (6’1″), so the form factor is just right for me. The screen is huge, but it’s thin enough to slide into jeans pockets and not even know it’s there. The extra inch just provides so much more information on screen that it’s hard to compare it with the Droids/Captivates out there.
It’s a shame that Dell’s marketing and PR has blown it… this could have been an incredible launch, provided it happened a month or two ago, and not just on ATT….

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