CouchDB Says Hello To Google Android

CouchDB, the open source database that is part of the NoSQL movement, is now available on Google’s Android., the company behind the open source software, today announced CouchDB SDK for Android.  Palm, a division of Hewlett Packard (s HWP), has already announced that the next version of its webOS will include services for syncing local data with CouchDB.

According to executives, applications — web or native — can use CouchDB’s peer-to-peer sync capabilities to build more engaging experiences. In addition, syncing allows the apps to work in an offline mode or when wireless Internet connections are very slow.

Syncing on mobile is still a challenge and many companies have tried and failed to do it right. With this new offering, actually might be onto something practical. Now all they need to do is find developers who want to incorporate the technology into their Android apps.

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