Brightcove Dumps Limelight for Akamai

Brightcove is announcing today that it is transitioning to Akamai’s (s AKAM) content delivery network and working with the cloud services provider to roll out new features to its clients based on Akamai’s HD network. The move will come as a big blow to Limelight (s LLNW), which had previously owned the bulk of Brightcove’s video delivery business.

Access to the Akamai HD Network will allow Brightcove to offer advanced capabilities to its customers, including HTTP-based adaptive bit-rate streaming, DVR-like functionality for live streams and interactive features available in the video player. According to Brightcove VP of marketing Jeff Whatcott, the integration with the HD Network will happen over the fall, with Brightcove rolling out features as time goes on.

For Akamai, signing up Brightcove is a bit of a coup, as the white-label video management firm has a number of major media customers, as well as a wide range of smaller enterprise customers that Akamai wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. It also comes about a year after Akamai went on a spree of signing up online video platforms such as Unicorn Media, KickApps, VMIX, Multicast, Onstream Media, VBrick, KIT Digital Delve Networks. But this partnership brings together the number one CDN firm and the number one OVP platform.

It also comes not long after Akamai’s arch-rival Limelight acquired Brightcove competitor Delve Networks. That acquisition, which is Limelight’s third, will pit it against Brightcove, Ooyala, thePlatform and other companies that provide video management and distribution services.

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