Video @ paidContent Mobile: Some Highlights From ‘Getting Smart About Apps’

Jonathan Dube, David Bentley, Evan Conway, Igor Pusenjak, Jeremiah Zinn at paidContent Mobile 2010

Which should be the bigger priority for app publishers — making sure their apps are addictive and useful, or figuring out how to monetize them? Watch the video below for the answer and other highlights from the ‘Getting Smart About Apps’ panel at our recent paidContent Mobile conference. Panelists included Jeremiah Zinn, SVP of Digital Products at MTV Networks; (NYSE: VIA) David Bentley, GM at AKQA; Evan Conway, EVP of marketing at Handmark; and Igor Pusenjak, founder and president of Lima Sky. The panel was moderated by Jonathan Dube, the former head of Our writeup about the panel is here.

Full coverage of the event is available at our paidContent Mobile archive.


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