Spanfeller Media Group Names SoftBank’s Perlis Chairman

Softbank CEO Mike Perlis has agreed to serve as chairman of Spanfeller Media Group as the online content startup prepares to launch its first site, a food vertical early next month. The site’s name and editorial director have been chosen, but the company, which was started by former CEO Jim Spanfeller, is keeping those details under wraps for now. The company also officially announced the closing of its first round — led by Softbank — but the amount was undisclosed, though it was estimated to be around $2 million last month.

Other investors in SMG include RRE Ventures, Greenhill SAVP and Lerer Media Ventures. When he left a little over a year ago, Spanfeller initially intended to create a company that would advise new and existing online publishers. Over the past few months, that plan evolved and SMG will be producing its own content sites.