BSkyB Has Been Opposing The ‘Sky’ In ‘Skype’


Could the Sky fall on Skype?

Under a lengthy “risks” section in its IPO filing, Skype warns its trademark applications are being opposed in Europe and several other countries – in one case, by pay-TV platform BSkyB (NYSE: BSY), which says it owns the mark for the “Sky” in “Skype”...

The judgement could mean Skype having to pay license fees to BSkyB in order to go on using its name and logo here, Skype concedes.

News Corp (NSDQ: NWS). owns 39 percent of BSkyB, which is one of the world’s most successful pay-TV operators, and has asked for clearance from European and UK antitrust authorities to buy the remainder.

BSkyB owns Sky trademarks for a number of purposes. It has been opposing several Skype applications since 2006, records show.

Here’s the passage…

“In particular, in the European Union, India, Norway and Brazil, our applications in respect of the Skype name are being opposed by BSkyB plc., a British satellite broadcaster, Internet service and telephony service provider, or by one of its affiliates. These oppositions are based on BSkyB



KY was around long before SKY and since people could so easily confuse the two products KY should sue Murdoch.

Adam H

There is an ancient satellite sports service in Australia call Sky Channel that actually stopped Murdoch using the Sky TV brand in Australia when we entered some time ago. He went with with Fox brand instead and ended up with Foxtel (as the service was a JV with local teloc Telstra). Maybe this is Rupert getting even after all these years???

Ben Werdmuller

Utterly disappointing, and reflective of a business culture that has very little respect for the wider community (aside from as a resource it can harness).

Companies must protect their trademarks in order to keep them. That’s fine. This, however, is overreaching on a grand scale.


What are the odds of Murdoch putting in a claim against Scunthorpe?

Mark Hall

This is the most stupid thing I have heard of. Im getting sick of hearing about large companies owning the world – how can you pretend to own a word as generic as sky?

In other news – I have just protected air , from now on anyone breathing should send me £


Do they also own the terms Blue Sky Thinking, The Sky’s the Limit, Sky Diving, etc etc. What nonsense

Phil England

This is just daft! there is no way Sky can win this – if so, maybe the instrumental group from the past, who were called ‘Sky’ could oppose BSkyB in using the word ‘Sky’

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