FollowUp: A Lightweight Email Reminder Service

Do you sometimes forget to follow up on important emails, or struggle with adding follow-up reminders to your calendar? FollowUp is a useful, free and easy-to-use service that you can use to automatically send yourself a reminder to follow up.

Once you’ve registered with the service and set your time zone, you simply forward your email to a specially formatted email to specify when the reminder will be sent (at a specific time or on a certain day). For example, to set a reminder three days from now you would add the email address to the email, or to set a reminder for for 4 p.m, you add the email address There’s a full explanation of the reminder syntax here (note that adding the email address to the “To:” or “Cc:” fields means that everyone who receives the email will also get the reminder — if you add it to the “Bcc:” field, only you’ll get the reminder).

Reminder emails quote the original email, and include a box telling you when the reminded was created. They also contain “snooze” links, which let you quickly re-set the reminder for some time in the future.

Helpfully, you can get a calendar view of all upcoming reminders at the site; clicking on a reminder allows you to edit or delete it:

A settings page is also available at the website, where you can get links for adding reminders to your RSS reader or calendar, and also get a bookmarklet that allows you to set follow-up reminders on web pages.

Need some tips on how to construct that follow-up email? Check out Dave Clarke’s excellent recent article, “The Art of the Follow-up.”

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