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FollowUp: A Lightweight Email Reminder Service

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Do you sometimes forget to follow up on important emails, or struggle with adding follow-up reminders to your calendar? FollowUp is a useful, free and easy-to-use service that you can use to automatically send yourself a reminder to follow up.

Once you’ve registered with the service and set your time zone, you simply forward your email to a specially formatted email to specify when the reminder will be sent (at a specific time or on a certain day). For example, to set a reminder three days from now you would add the email address [email protected] to the email, or to set a reminder for for 4 p.m, you add the email address [email protected] There’s a full explanation of the reminder syntax here (note that adding the email address to the “To:” or “Cc:” fields means that everyone who receives the email will also get the reminder — if you add it to the “Bcc:” field, only you’ll get the reminder).

Reminder emails quote the original email, and include a box telling you when the reminded was created. They also contain “snooze” links, which let you quickly re-set the reminder for some time in the future.

Helpfully, you can get a calendar view of all upcoming reminders at the site; clicking on a reminder allows you to edit or delete it:

A settings page is also available at the website, where you can get links for adding reminders to your RSS reader or calendar, and also get a bookmarklet that allows you to set follow-up reminders on web pages.

Need some tips on how to construct that follow-up email? Check out Dave Clarke’s excellent recent article, “The Art of the Follow-up.”

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2 Responses to “FollowUp: A Lightweight Email Reminder Service”

  1. Phil, not sure what you mean. How would you set a follow up on an email in a web based email service? (i.e. Gmail)

    A lot of desktop clients have Flagging type features, but the difference is FollowUp is scheduled. There’s not some folder you have to keep checking on (as people do when they star or flag emails) because you set when to be reminded about it. And even if something like Outlook can do this, what about all the other interfaces out there? Now you can always set reminders wherever your email is, whatever interface you’re in.