Demand Media By The Numbers

Demand Media picked a Friday afternoon in August to file for its anticipated IPO. Some numbers from the SEC filing:

— Demand reports $114 million in revenue for the first half of 2010, following $198 million for 2009. After traffic acquisition costs, it’s on pace for $216 million in revenue this year.

— The company lost $22.2 million the first half of this year, compared with $28.9 million for the same period in 2009 — and $52.8 million for all of last year.

— As of 2009, Content & Media contributes more revenue than the domain business. Demand brought in $66.2 million from content and media in the first half of 2010 compared with $47.7 million from registrar.

— Google (NSDQ: GOOG) deals accounted for 26 percent of total rev in 1H10, up from 18 percent for all of ’09. The cost-per-click agreement for eHow and other developed sites expires in Q212, while the cost-per-click deal for undeveloped sites expires in Q111. Demand also uses Google’s DoubleClick and has a YouTube rev share deal running year to year.

— As an example of how it values content, Demand claims an “internal rate of return” of 58 percent for text content published on eHow in Q308. Of that, 32 percent came from third parties who were more expensive than the freelance content creators and “did not widely utilize our internal algorithms.” That changed in Q209 to substantially all internal.

— The company says eHow represents only 60 percent of its content now.

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