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Playboy Slims Loss, Revs Drop 10 Percent

Playboy Enterprises (NYSE: PLA) posted slightly better-than-expected results in Q2, as company watchers continued to wonder about Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s bid to take to the company private and the counteroffers. Meanwhile, digital revenues continued to improve, but the total publishing segment was pulled down by print and other woes.

The Licensing Group segment’s income gained 35 percent, but the increase was more than offset by a loss in the Print/Digital Group, which was due in part to litigation expenses related to one of the company’s international editions.

The year-over-year comparison of Print/Digital results also was unfavorably affected by the company’s decision to publish the equivalent of four issues last year versus three in the current year.

For online alone, trends are looking a little better as well, as the company managed to reduce declines. It also recently unveiled a “safe-for-work” site called TheSmokingJacket late last month. That site was designed to boost traffic and ad revenues, but it will likely take some time until it achieves any measurable success.

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