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lonelygirl15 Creator, Epic Fu‘s Diaz Elected to IAWTV Board

After a month of campaigning, voting, and election-ing, the International Association of Web Television has announced the five new members of the Board of Directors:

  • Miles Beckett (CEO, EQAL)
  • Zadi Diaz (Producer and Host, Epic Fu and Smashface Productions)
  • Jim Louderback (CEO, Revision3)
  • Chris McCaleb (Co-founder, Big Fantastic)
  • Timothy Shey (Co-Founder and EVP, Creative and Audience Development, Next New Networks)

The new board members were chosen in a special election held after five of the original board members — Brady Brim-Deforest, Josh Cohen, Marc Hustvedt, Mo Koyfman and Jamison Tilsner — stepped down last June.

Beckett, Diaz, Louderback, McCaleb and Shey join Michael Wayne, Dina Kaplan, George Ruiz, Drew Baldwin, Felicia Day and John McCarus on the board, and represent the first delegates of the IAWTV infrastructure that were elected by the Academy membership as a whole.

This now completes the board’s quota of 11 members, who will go on to weigh in on important future issues facing the IAWTV, especially the fate of the Streamy Awards. The first board meeting has been scheduled for August 24.

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5 Responses to “lonelygirl15 Creator, Epic Fu‘s Diaz Elected to IAWTV Board”

  1. Excited to have these new members of the board to push the IAWTV forward – on Awards, Industry Standards, Membership, Peer Events and all else that’s ahead to advance our (emerging) industry. Congrats Miles, Zadi, Jim, Chris and Tim. I also want to thank Brady, Marc, Josh, Mo and Jamison for helping to set everything here in motion.