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Dolphin Browser HD on Video – Best Mobile Web?

The Android (s goog) web browser is Webkit based, and it is as good as the browser on any other mobile platform. It has evolved over time to become a fitting rival for even the famous browser on the iPhone (s aapl). The number of quality apps on the Android platform has grown tremendously, and one of those apps is the Dolphin Browser HD. This free web browser builds on the strengths of the stock Android browser by adding key interface methods that are shown to good effect in this video.

Dolphin Browser HD augments the mobile web browsing experience in three key areas: bookmark handling, a plug-in ecosystem, and the ability to use gestures to operate the browser. All three areas are shown in the video, which demonstrates that the Dolphin Browser HD is perhaps the best mobile browser currently available on any platform.

The demo was run on the HTC EVO 4G, a capable mobile-browsing device given the large (4.3-inch) display. The EVO was running the latest version of Android, 2.2 (Froyo), which adds Flash 10.1 support. Dolphin fully supports Flash on phones running Froyo. Dolphin Browser HD requires Android 2.1 or later; there is a non-HD version for phones running earlier versions of Android. Both versions are available in the Android Market.

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10 Responses to “Dolphin Browser HD on Video – Best Mobile Web?”

  1. Would the phone default back to the default browser, say if I install Dolphin, don’t like it, then uninstall the app? Is it just that easy? Meaning, delete the app, and I have the default browser of the Froyo 2.2 update back? I have no idea of how to do this otherwise.

  2. I noticed you were running tasker. It’s a great app but I think it needs time for development. Maybe you could write an article or make a video about the different tasks you are using.

  3. I love Dolphin, and have been using it for a long time, but after the 2.2 update on my Evo the text reflowing no longer works. Anybody else seeing this?

  4. NeoteriX

    From what I’ve gathered, Dolphin uses the underlying Android webkit browser, so it too benefits from the improved Froyo V8 javascript engine. My rough before-and-after Froyo tests show that in Dolphin, the post-Froyo realizes a 2x javascript performance increase in the Sunspider test.

  5. mr-crash

    On Android, I’ve given Opera, Xscope, the built in browser and Dolphin a go.

    Of all of them, Dolphin is by far the best. This may sound a little weird but it’s implementation of zoom in conjunction with text reflow just works so well! Whenever I use a different mobile browser I really miss this.

    The plugins are not bad either. On a 1Ghz processor the adblock extension still feels snappy but on something a little less beefy it might mess with performance a bit, but I don’t have another phone to compare it to ;)

    I’m planning on taking a look at the plugins and seeing if I can put something together for instapaper or similar.