Clear iSpot — 4G Hotspot for iOS


Clear (s clwr) is looking to capitalize on the popularity of the iPad (s aapl) by offering a mobile hotspot device for Apple products. The aptly named iSpot is roughly the size of an Apple mouse and shares connections on the Clear 4G (WiMAX) network with up to five devices using Wi-Fi. The iSpot is restricted to iOS devices, so only iPhones, iPods and iPads can share the 4G connection.

The restriction to iOS devices is due to the low monthly rate of $25 for unlimited 4G connectivity. The Clear 4G network is currently available in major cities in the U.S. There’s no 3G capability integrated in the iSpot, so if you find yourself outside a 4G coverage area, your iSpot will become an iBrick. The iSpot has a quoted battery life of four hours on a single charge. Clear has priced the iSpot at $99.99, but is selling it for $29 today only.

Clear also has a version of the iSpot, dubbed the Spot, that will share a 4G connection with any eight devices (not just iOS). The unlimited 4G data plan is about $40 monthly, with the exact price based on the customer’s location.

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Pam T.

Unfortunately, 4G isn’t widespread enough for most people. I live and work about 10 miles past the 4G coverage in St. Louis. It’s tough to be so close…and yet, so far!

Ramon B. Nuez Jr

This sounds rather excellent. If for nothing else it is a rather nice alternative to using AT&T. My only issue is the lack of 3G support. Let’s be honest — 4G is not ubiquitous.

This is the coverage map for Clear — They don’t seem to cover NYC and the company does not seem to have future plans to cover the city. They could have used Sprint’s 3G network? Clear seems to be covering at least 50 markets.

Due to the lack of 3G support and small 4G footprint — the $99 price point is rather high.


The iSpot will work with up to 8 devices, just like the Spot. It is the 4G PLUS Spot (dualmode 3g/4g) which will work with only 5. Thanks for writing about the iSpot, we’re very excited about it!


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