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Spot Runner To ‘Phase Out’ Malibu Media Buying Platform

Nearly a year after its long-planned launch, web-based TV creative ad agency Spot Runner is phasing out its Malibu Media Platform, paidContent has learned. Instead, the Los Angeles-based company wants to shift its focus and resources to the existing Marketing Services business. In addition to running customizable ads, Marketing Services also runs data and analytics and sales support. As Spot Runner winds down Malibu, it will explore “strategic alternatives” for that business, such as a possible sale of the unit or a strategic partner.

In a statement, Spot Runner told paidContent, “The Marketing Services business remains strong and will continue to effectively serve its national and regional clients and offer creative and brand strategy; data-driven, multi-channel media planning and buying; and turn-key data modeling and analytics. We have received great feedback from the industry for Malibu and accomplished our goals of securing a significant amount of inventory from major media owners, obtaining participation from top tier agencies and generating revenue on the platform. Based on that foundation and progress, we are now exploring strategic alternatives for Malibu.”

The introduction of the Malibu media buying platform was viewed as a complement to Spot Runner

5 Responses to “Spot Runner To ‘Phase Out’ Malibu Media Buying Platform”

  1. escortbayanlar

    The introduction of the Malibu media buying platform was viewed as a complement to Spot Runner’s customizable cable TV commercials business, which are mostly aimed at local and regional marketers.

  2. Stephen Klein

    Why is SpotRunner failing when a similar business based in Europe–Spotzer–seems to be thriving and prospering? Looks like a case of too big to fail failure in the SpotRunner camp. Aspirations far beyond the capacity of management to achieve.
    Just comparing the rqo companies’ web sites tells quite a lot. One (Spotzer) gives the visitor (even one not logged in) quite a bit…while SpotRunner talks platitudes of what they can do…but demonstrate very little.

  3. you must be kidding

    It amazes me that SpotRunner still get posts like yours to post their pap.. They never were viable, never..Their local spot tv model never worked, they never had inventory..Despite your continuing the nonsense about their having customers and/or interested partners the fact remains that spotRunner has no future and they have not had a past.. Please stop..

  4. You see Malibu is so good that not only do you not need as many buyers and sellers, you dont need any employees to run the Malibu system.

    Goodbye Spot Runner. You were a great idea but greedy executives fucked you up.

  5. This was supposedly their hail mary! This company is heading toward the deadpool! No way they can raise more money with the horrible reputation of their founder/CEO.