The New Cubicle?

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Looking for an alternative to the cubicle for your office? Take a look at Tecno’s Beta, an innovative office furniture system that’s designed specifically for creative workplaces, designed by Pierandrei Associati and winner of a prestigious Red Dot design award.

Unlike traditional cubicle designs that are static and discourage interaction, the Beta is a flexible furniture system that merges formal and informal working areas. It’s modular, and designed around “backbones” that carry cables and keep electrical and data infrastructure out of sight. The system is designed to encourage knowledge sharing, but it still allows for privacy, unlike a totally open-plan office. The layout can easily be reconfigured to suit an individual’s working style, and the Beta is also recyclable (good news for those looking for more eco-friendly office furniture).

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This kind of new office helps personnel feel more comfortable and be more creative in a meantime. New ideas could generate more innovations and lead to development of new products and services. It’s all about encouraging more imagination.

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