iPad App Roundup: 6 Television & Movie Apps


If you’re a movie and/or television buff, then the iPad may be your new best friend. We’ve got a round up of six different apps to help you consume your favorite televisions shows and movies. Enjoy!

Netflix (Free, Subscription Required)

Netflix (s nflx) has made a name for itself with its excellent service, and many were surprised when it announced it would be coming to the iPad before the iPhone (on launch day, too). The Netflix app is basically a one-window browser that loads a tailored version of the site, allowing you to watch any movie in its instant-watch collection. You can also manage your movie queue, adding or deleting movies as you please. The app isn’t very polished, but it works. I’ve watched the entire three seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender on it without incident. The app is free; the subscription, however, isn’t, and it’ll run you $9 a month. There’s a free 30-day trial, though, so you can evaluate whether you like it or not. Personally, I love it.

Hulu Plus (Free, Subscription Required)

Hulu, on your iPad is something that’s been anticipated for a long time. Full access requires a subscription to Hulu Plus, which will run you $10 a month. There’s a free gallery that has single episodes of some good shows like 30 Rock and Parenthood, which should give you a good idea of whether you want to pony up the $10/month or not. Unfortunately, a Hulu Plus subscription will not exempt you from the periodic ads that appear during playback.

ABC Player (Free)

You can watch full episodes of selected ABC (s dis) shows, like 20/20, Desperate Housewives, and (my favorite) Modern Family. At last count, there are 33 evening shows, four daytime shows, and any specials that appeared within the last few months available. You can also view ABC’s schedule to find broadcast times for shows that aren’t on the list.

Flixster (Free)

Flixster shows you movie times at your local theaters and lets you buy tickets. It also shows ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and lets you play trailers for upcoming films. Sometimes it can be annoying, like when it pops up an advert for a film that you have to dismiss before you can use the app.

IMDb (Free)

IMDb (s amzn) is a huge database of movies, television shows and actors, so when you’re watching a movie with Netflix and want to know more about it, you can pop over to IMDb and find all the information you could ever want to know, like which actors appear in the movie, reviews and trivia. It also has local showtimes and trailers, like Flixster. The app is fast, well laid-out, and free.

Yahoo! Entertainment (Free)

Yahoo! Entertainment (s yhoo) has an interesting interface that you’ll either love or hate. On the main screen is a living room, in which an ottoman is parked close to a glowing television, with a magazine, a TV guide, and a DVD case splayed out on the ottoman. Tapping on each item brings up a different part of the app. The magazine takes you to Yahoo! Entertainment News, the TV guide takes you to (what else?) a TV guide, and the DVD case takes you to Yahoo! Video. Each of these has their own unique interfaces, which are all quite attractive. The big thing is the TV guide, which shows you your local programming based on your service provider, and you can hide individual channels.

What apps do you use to keep yourself entertained? Tell us about them in the comments.



Orb, when I am not at home.
Orb allows you to stream video and live TV (provided you have a TV tuner in your computer). It has some glitches now and then, but tends to work pretty well. I honestly think that it replaces a SlingBox, but I don’t have one of those so I am just guessing that they are of similar quality.

AirVideo, when I am at home.
AirVideo streams content on your LAN regardless of the file format. It converts the format “on the fly” and does a nice job. I can watch video stored on my network on my iPad or iPod Touch.

Josh Koons

We like Netflix, although the startup time is a bit painful sometimes. I wish it would work a bit faster!

Our kids love WeetWoo, moderated YouTube videos. They have a fun show channel which is nicely arranged so they can see just age appropriates vidz in a playlist fashion. Works fine for iPhone and iPad.


Yahoo! Entertainment
Appears Microsoft’s “Bob” lives–that’s scary!


You forgot eyetv app from Elgato to stream live tv to iPad or iPhone

David Brauss

If Netflix did not pup-under every browser of every platform on every computer of mine with advertising for the last 10 years I would might have joined in. Now these ad’s even take away the scroll bar when they load up. So I have to close to page and open a new one to get scroll bars. From the bottom of my heart F-U Netflix you are advertising whores. Hulu Plus is awesome and works over 3G on your iPhone too. They just need more networks. Sorry for the language, but I truly hate Netflix.

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