DirecTV Takes Football Mobile With NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go


DirecTV (s DTV) is looking to capitalize even more on its exclusive deal to show every NFL game by making all those games available on PCs and mobile devices. The new NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go add-on allows its subscribers to watch NFL football games through mobile apps on a wide range of smart phones. (Hat tip to Dave Zatz)

DirecTV’s new mobile offering gives subscribers access to streaming video, game highlights, scores and stats from all games during the NFL’s preseason and regular season. It’s available through mobile apps for iPhone (s AAPL), Android (s GOOG), Blackberry (s RIMM), and Windows Mobile (s MSFT) devices, Palm Pre mobile handsets, through web browsers on PC and Mac computers, and on the iPad.

But the new mobile add-on isn’t free, and it is only available for DirecTV subscribers who have already bought the NFL Sunday Ticket package. NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go is available for a one-time cost of $49.99, or five monthly payments of $9.99.

DirecTV subscribers are already lamenting the latest price hike for the satellite provider’s NFL package, which has increased to $299, from $279 a year earlier. But this year, DirecTV is making access to its SuperFan features — including HD video, the Red Zone channel, and short cut replays of every game — free as part of the regular NFL Sunday Ticket service, as opposed to charging more for them separately. The addition of a mobile and web-based add-on could make up for some of the revenue that DirecTV will lose by making SuperFan features part of the regular Sunday Ticket package.

The addition of a broadband and mobile component to its NFL Sunday Ticket package comes after DirecTV extended its exclusive deal with the football league through 2014. The deal allows DirecTV to offer up every out-of-market game to subscribers, but also gave the satellite provider expanded broadband streaming rights.

As part of the deal, DirecTV will make a broadband version of NFL Sunday Ticket available by 2012 to viewers who can’t sign up for its satellite TV services, either because they live in apartment buildings where they can’t install a satellite dish or because they have poor sightlines to receive a signal.

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DirecTV did auto renew my nfl package, but I was clearly aware of this. My wife deems this as my annual father’s day present. However I did not have the additional $50 charge for the To-Go add-on Mike posted in his comments.

Shane, has a good point about pipeline issues. However with the introduction of WiMax to many cities and the movement to 4g in many areas this problem should fix itself over time.


Does anyone foresee logistical problems due to the live/gotta watch it now nature of football? Hundreds of thousands of people streaming video at the same time in concentrated geographical areas… could it cause pipeline problems, especially for mobile platforms?


Just wanted to inform you of a scam that DirecTV is pulling on their customers. If you had the NFL Sunday Ticket last year they will automatically renew it this year (something I think is also a scam but at least was aware of), however, now they’ve autorenewed people and added an additional $50 to your bill for this NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ To-Go.

After spending an hour with them on the phone last night, the only answer I got was that they were sorry for the problem, but it was their policy to add that to everyone’s account without getting their permission. Very reminiscent of the phone companies “cramming” additional features on your account without your knowledge in years gone by.
This is unethical and criminal behavior. They said it was “autorenewed” to which I told them you can’t autorenew a product that didn’t even exist last year. They held their ground.

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