Multi-Party Video Calling for Evo From Damaka


Damaka, developer of a unified collaboration system spanning multiple platforms, will announce a client for the HTC EVO 4G on the Sprint (s s) network later this week. The Damaka solution will be the first allowing multi-party video calling on the EVO 4G, over Wi-Fi, 3G or Sprint 4G. The Qik and Fring apps currently on the EVO only provide two party video calling. The EVO, with its front-facing camera and fast processor, is a natural fit for the Damaka solution. From Damaka’s press release:

“HTC is proving to be the fastest growing handset maker in history, according to analysts,” said Siva Chaturvedi, CEO, Damaka. “Damaka’s video conferencing and collaboration solution offers users a complete platform to expand on the robust capabilities of the HTC EVO, including its impressive processor speeds and front-facing camera, providing users an unrivaled, integrated tool for rich collaboration with other users on any device, anytime, anywhere.”

The video calling feature is part of Damaka’s full enterprise collaboration suite, providing IM, audio/video conferencing and desktop sharing. Damaka says its “Sweeping” technology, which allows seamless session handoff from one platform, and one network to another give the product a competitive edge. A Damaka user can switch a collaboration session from a mobile phone to a laptop once back in the office using this technology without interrupting the session.

Damaka collaboration sessions are limited to other Damaka users on any platform, with client software available on most smartphones. The technology is aimed at the enterprise, and currently works on Windows (s msft), Macs (s aapl), Symbian (s nok), Windows Mobile, Android (s goog), Linux, BlackBerry (s rimm)  and the iPhone.

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