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Facebook Doubles Size of Data Center Before It's Even Built

Facebook said late Friday that it is adding 160,000 square feet to the 147,000 square-foot data center it’s currently building in Prineville, Ore. Being able to make such on-the-fly changes is part of why Facebook wants a wholly owned data center that it can manage and optimize at its whim. The company cited a need for more servers to accommodate its 500 million users.

Artist's rendering of planned Prineville, Ore. data center.

Facebook now says the data center, which was first announced in January (when Facebook had 350 million users), should open in the first quarter of 2011. The second phase is to be finished a year later. It doesn’t look like the new square footage will create any long-term jobs beyond the 35 Facebook already announced.

For more on Facebook’s approach to divvying up its infrastructure, see our interview with VP of Technical Operations Jonathan Heiliger from the Structure conference in June as well as the GigaOM Pro (sub req’d) analysis of the event.

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9 Responses to “Facebook Doubles Size of Data Center Before It's Even Built”

  1. onecallednick

    So…more coal emissions from facebook but no additional jobs? Lovely. I’m glad I deleted my account.
    What’s really pissing me off lately is all these petitions that are being hosted on facebook for CLEAN ENERGY! This data center is running on 70% coal and these groups don’t seem to mind.

  2. Good Point Stephen,

    You are good architect. I think so too, that they have another datacenter in a different geography for fail over reasons.

    Tks, Nag