Sprint to Roll Out Froyo for EVO 4G


Sprint (s s) is preparing to roll out Android 2.2 (Froyo) to the EVO 4G beginning Aug. 3. I am happy with my EVO 4G, but having been exposed to the improvements in Froyo, I can’t wait to get it installed on my EVO. Sprint will roll out the Froyo update in waves beginning Aug. 3, and it should be available to all EVO owners by the middle of August.

According to Sprint, the Froyo update for the EVO 4G will bring these improvements:

  • Voice Dialing Over Bluetooth.
  • Application Storage on External Memory, giving users more storage room for all their apps.
  • Camera 4-way rotation allows the camera icons to rotate with the camera.
  • Improved Browser Performance including a faster JavaScript engine and Flash 10x Support improving the user’s ability to view videos and available content associated with web pages.

I tested Froyo on the Nexus One, and the overall phone operation was quite fast due to the better handling of Java (s orcl). The Flash 10.1 support adds to the desktop-like browsing experience on the Android (s goog) phone. Sprint is the first carrier to provide the Froyo update; currently only the Google Nexus One has received the update from Google.

EVO owners will receive a notification on the phone when the upgrade is available to download. Those who can’t wait for the notification can go to Settings Menu > System Updates > HTC Software Update and start the upgrade process manually.

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Voice dialing over bluetooth (just got a jawbone yesterday) check

Apps can be loaded on external card

Camera 4 way rotation did bother me that it didn’t before no, it looks pretty cool though

Improved browser performance …hmmm not so much but it was already fast to begin with still no complaints. Can view video on web page yes do I care? no

Multiple Exchange support

Does this mean I have to buy another battery just so I can make it through one day with Touchdown?

C’mon HTC FIX IT!!!!


Just finished installing the official OTA update to 2.2 and everything runs so much faster now! The EVO just got a lot more awesome!

One word of caution during the install process, there are a couple of points during the install where the screen looks like it’s frozen or nothing is happening for a while but this is normal so be patient and let it complete without disrupting the install!

Very happy before 2.2 with the EVO, now even more happier!


I hope Froyo still comes out tomorrow as scheduled. I called Sprint last Friday due to a problem I was having with my EVO. I mentioned Froyo and the agent said Froyo has been delayed and all he could say is the update should be out towards the end of August at this point.


I thought Froyo added multiple exchange account support? The HTC coded Exchange support in 2.1 isn’t all that great. You can’t multi select delete easily. Some times I can go 15 minutes before getting time sensitive email where on my Pre I got messages instantaneously.


It about time. Finally Android can actually compete with iOS4, well almost.


Those that truly can’t wait have already installed it from the HTc web site. And yes, I know HTC took the link down but so far the waters fine! :-)

I can finally ditch my Nexus One!

The flash light app is cool as the LED flash really does produce enough light to replace my keychain LED light. Thank you Sprint!

The speed is every bit as good as my Nexus One turned out after getting the Froyo treatment. One difference: flash player is built in, no need to download it from the market.

And yes indeed, you can now tether, not just do the Wifi hotspot thing. I guess that will be handy next WWDC when Steve asks everyone to shut off their hotspots but frankly I can’t think of any other times to use it. But its there if I stumble into one. :-)

I can finally ditch my Nexus One!

Sam Sungman

Great that you can trash your ancient N1, a bland super ugly phone.


James – small minor comment. My advice is that you alter the summary shown on the main site and add also the fact that you get Flash. That is probably the main diff for most.


I disagree that Flash is the main difference. The overall performance gain from the JIT compiler is what most people will notice, followed by the browser’s speed improvements.

John Wiseman

This is 2010 and Flash is no longer that important and certainly not the main ingredient in Frozen Yogurt. You prolly work for Adobe. Lame.


Not the main ingredient, but how the yogurt sings with just a pinch of java in its froyo.


Flash is definitely what makes this upgrade significant. The Evo is already such a stellar performer that it’s hardly lacking in the performance area. But the addition of true Flash makes it truly exceptional.
I’d luv to dance over Flash’s grave (seems trendy to do so) but for now it’s a necessary evil. & having it on-demand, means it’ll be there when needed.
Looks like you fell for Jobs’ diatribe that Flash was unnecessary and antiquated. Perhaps someday, but not for a while
So, Lame back.


Sounds like Desire in Europe is also getting 2.2 update. Hopefully it is true and there will not be a surprise.

Seems HTC is learning from previous mistakes.

Richard Garrett

James do you think this signals the beginning of the next round of fragmentation? Also, I wonder if you’ll do any quantitative and comparative analysis for various tasks using the Evo on 2.1 and then on 2.2? I’m sure you’re right about the speed improvements on the browser but am wondering about more mundane tasks like how the phone operates as a phone, whether the camera is clunky, task switching, gallery performance etc. All of these things are less than stellar on my Moto Droid with 2.1

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