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Apple is Shaping Our Future

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It’s just another day where I board the train and head home with an iPhone, iPad and MacBook in my bag. Since buying the iPad, I prefer it to the other three devices in nearly every situation except blogging, which still requires a real keyboard and at least a 13″ screen.

Something sort of hit me in the head while reading the New York Times as Bob Marley played into my earphones: I have no visual or performance signs that a song is playing other than the music entering my head. Bob Marley is singing “No Woman, No Cry” and the iPad doesn’t signal to me that it’s actually doing that, which feels magical, but it made me think about the future and how Apple (s aapl)  is shaping it.

In 2001, my iBook G3’s 500Mhz CPU would be 50 percent utilized while playing high quality music through the speakers. That number has dropped to basically zero while playing the same song on my Core i7 iMac, but iTunes is still open, taking up screen space even if it’s minimized or hidden. I know iTunes is open but the way I interact with iTunes hasn’t changed since iTunes 1.0 was released 10 years ago. The way my Macintosh organizes folders, plays music, and manages windows is unchanged, and it still takes a certain technical proficiency to understand this even if it is an easy-to-use Mac.

Today, while music played on my iPad and I was reading the news story, I thought about how there’s nothing showing a song is playing other than a play icon at the top of the screen. When I change the page or zoom in to a photo, nothing about the iPad’s performance is compromised, even if that song is heavily compressed. Music is playing, and my iPad doesn’t mind.

No other consumer electronics company has done this.

That’s a bold statement coming from a guy that uses Apple products almost exclusively, but I’ve been looking for a product like this for years. The iPod did this, but when you clicked a button on the device, it would show you the currently playing song. It was single-purpose, even if it did come with a way to view your calendars (only view, not change). Devices like my Palm Treo did this, but the music app would crash, and browsing the web would have a 50 percent cut in performance while playing music. Yes, it’s been four years, and the Treo was much slower with fewer resources, but Apple has set us on course to a point where our kids won’t have that feeling of, “I shouldn’t open my web browser because the music might skip.” For those of you who used the original iPhone extensively, music skipping was very common when hitting the phone with heavy tasks.

I didn’t see a huge change in how we interacted with technology until Apple came along with iOS and shook things up. The Mac and Windows experiences feel dated. There are power, usefulness and capabilities that iOS (and yes even Android devices) can’t do now, but it won’t be long before they can. In 2007, iPhone was cutting edge for having a tough screen that worked. These days, I can FaceTime with friends, download movies over the air, read the news as it happens, and always know the answer to what guy played in that movie within the time it would take to boot up the ole’ Mac and fire up Safari. Grab iPhone, slide to unlock, click Safari and search.

I don’t give Apple all of the credit, but this is TheAppleBlog, so it’s good to highlight everything Apple got right that set us in this direction. Who was going to change things and set us onto the next era of computing? Microsoft (s msft) is still introducing product flops (ie. Microsoft Kin) and Google’s (s goog) business model is to create and leverage technologies in order to target ads to you. I can’t think of another company other than Apple that’s continued to pioneer the technology experience. Cisco (s csco) is a distant 4th, but it’s too busy powering the entire Internet to make consumer electronics. Sadly, Sony (c sne) has become more irrelevant as simply “expensive” and not as breakthrough as it was in the 90s. I still buy Sony TVs, but only because it’s Sony and not because it’s doing anything truly remarkable over Panasonic (s pc) or Vizio.

Apple has set itself apart in the way it’s brought power to elegance — where the design of the software and form factor of the hardware fades away, and all you’re doing is sitting on a train, reading a news article while listening to a song. Of course, now that I think about it, that 3G connection to AT&T (s att) is ticking along as well. There was no application I had to pull up to initiate the connection (like on Mac OS or Windows 7), and there’s no thought to it. As soon as I leave the office, my Wi-Fi connection there drops and 3G starts. This kind of experience is something we all assume would be common in 2010 but you’d be surprised how many devices simply don’t do this in a way that the consumer can consume with no awareness of what’s going on behind the scenes.

I don’t know what it is but, with Apple technology, I feel the future. It’s not a stylus smartphone with a hardware keyboard; it’s not a 24″ tall tower with a big power button on the front; and it’s not a mouse with a cord attached and a floppy disk that makes this wretched click sound while reading and writing data. Apple doesn’t have any of that, and it’s chosen to integrated technologies into an experience that no other company has.

62 Responses to “Apple is Shaping Our Future”

  1. Michael Tomlin

    I agree. This is the first step in turning general computing into an appliance; creating a smarter interface to hide the normal complexities of computing. There are many simple interfaces for specialized tasks, but the iOS will be one of the first that takes “computers” into a new paradigm. This will be enough computer for a majority of users, but I believe hobbyists and professionals will continue to keep the “desktop” alive.

    • How about small, medium, and large business will keep a full OS alive. Form factor maybe a Deskstop, Laptop, Netbook or VDI. Millions upon millions of users still need a keyboard and a mouse to do heavy input and require real multitasking that iOS cant deliver.

      At home kids and older people can probably live with a iOS/iPad since they are light users and dont really need multi-tasking. That is until that kid needs to have a real word processor or spreadsheet app along with multiple other apps open at the same time to do school work/research.

      • Michael Tomlin

        As I said, this is a first step.

        iOS devices can currently use keyboards (I can use my bluetooth keyboard to type on my iPhone and iPad). It would be trivial for Apple to add mouse support to the OS, i.e. when a mouse (pointing device) is detected, a pointer appears on the screen.

        iOS does multi-task. Not sure if you mean multiple visible “windows”? Current iOS devices are in fact single-task focused, which means as the user you’re focused on the task (app) at hand. It doesn’t mean you can’t have other things open or running in the “background”. From a productivity stand point, this is actually better as there are no visible distractions. In fact, even on the desktop there are applications that take over the entire screen just for this reason. However, I do understand that there are times when referencing information, it is better to view it at the same time while working. iOS makes it really simple to switch back and forth between two applications though; command-tab.

        There are currently several real word processors and spreadsheet programs available for the iPad, along with database apps, drawing apps, etc…

      • “From a productivity stand point, this is actually better as there are no visible distractions. In fact, even on the desktop there are applications that take over the entire screen just for this reason”

        Ummm yeah and millions of PC and Mac users have multiple monitors for what reason?

    • G. and J.

      Are they bashing him or are they bashing Apple and Steve Jobs? (hint: apple)
      There is nothing here to take personally.

      But surely Apple has done NOTHING to warrant this type of behaviour…

    • Well, wait. The title says that Apple is shaping our future, and that is a big claim to make. Let me repeat what I said in an above comment:

      (to paraphrase:) There are a lot of people who like Apple products, but not Steve Jobs or apple “policy”.

      There are a ton of people who are “jail-breaking” their devices. Why? Simple. They want to be able to use the device they buy in any manner they choose. They want the freedom of choice that Jobs is trying to deny them. They jailbreak the devices to use apps that are not approved, or to use the devices on networks that are not approved. And there are A LOT of people doing that.

      This is not about whether you like an apple product or not. This is about whether you like what Apple is telling you that you can do. Even if you are an Apple fan you should sit up and take notice of what they are doing. If they are shaping our future, then yes, you should be a bit wary.

      Let’s take the iPhone 4 as an example: First there was “no” problem, then it was a software problem, Apple deleted threads about the problem, then they kinda admitted they had a small problem, but blamed everyone else instead of just taking responsibility for it. If you like the phone, great, but even fans should notice that something about this behavior just isn’t right.

      Look, I have an Ipad, and an Iphone 3 and an Ipod, and they are all great. Wonderful. But I don’t like the behavior of Apple, and hope THAT part of Apple is not shaping our future. (and i think other people are beginning to notice as well, that is why you are beginning to see so many of these types of comments.)

      But PEACE! I am out after my rant! (lol)
      Good luck all!

      • Michael Tomlin

        “They want to be able to use the device they buy in any manner they choose.”

        Sorry, but just about every product you buy has a terms of use written in the warranty, which clearly states how the device is to be used while under warranty, if you choose to break those terms, then the warranty is voided. This is done by manufacturer’s to remove any liability from users who don’t know what they’re doing and end up damaging the product. This is not something that is Apple only.

        “They want the freedom of choice that Jobs is trying to deny them.”

        Freedom of choice is a matter of perception. Are Android users free to upgrade their phones to the latest Android release? No, they are not. They are denied that choice by the carriers and OEMs. So, are they free to install any application they want? No, they cannot, if that application requires a newer version of the OS.

        “I don’t like the behavior of Apple”

        Apple is simply protecting its platform from ignorant users who over the last 20 years have enabled the proliferation of virus’, adware and spyware. If you can’t understand that, then you’re always free to choose another platform.

      • @ Michael Tomlin:
        Even if freedom of choice is a perception, there are still a lot of people who want that. We don’t need Apple to protect us, or tell us what is in our best interest. (isn’t that what some dictatorships say?, we are doing this for the peoples best interest?)

        And no, I don’t have to move to another platform. I can jail break my device (along with lots of other people) and use it the way I want to. Also I can use an Apple device and let people know what I think of Apple “protecting” it’s platform.

        If you think Apple is smarter than you, and want to do as they say, go right on ahead. But MOST (not all) of us who jailbreak are smart enough to make our own decisions and use it in a way that is not harmful WHATSOEVER to the device.

        But to each his own. I hope Apple doesn’t ban a 3rd party app you like on a whim…(like they have done before)

      • And by the way, Micheal,do Android users have the same restrictions that we, the users of Apple have?

        Not by a long shot.

        You are using ONE conditional example that is hardly relevant. It is usually just a matter of time for anyone to be able to get an update. We aren’t talking about people who are impatient to get the next update. We are talking about being told what you CANNOT use on your device. And it isn’t the same on Android at all.

  2. Checkmate

    Come on fellas. Look I’ll admit my biases up front: I think Steve Jobs is the biggest tool that’s ever stood in front of a microphone, but let’s talk about being objective here.

    “Microsoft has been stealing features from MacOS for years. They admitted that most Windows 7 new features where inspired by the two years old Mac OS X ”

    Who admitted this? Do you have a cite or is this just common internet “fact”? You see most people look at Windows 7, see a tool bar and perpetuate the myth that Microsoft is “stealing” from Mac OS. What people don’t seem to grasp is that Microsoft has no interest in being like Mac. Name a network used by the military that runs the Mac OS. Name a tactical system the military uses that runs on the Mac OS. What makes Win7 so friggin’ amazing are things the average user has no clue about.

    There is a contest where the best security professionals (i.e. Hackers) in the world get together called the pwn2own. The system hacked in the lest amount of time EVERY YEAR: Mac. These security professionals say the most secure way to browse the internet is Windows 7 with Chrome as the browser.

    As far as the article, yeah I’ll agree Apple is world changing. They come up with the ideas, and everyone else makes them better, and it will stay that way until Steve Jobs realizes he isn’t smarter than everyone else in the world combined.

    • What is curious is that sheer number of trolls scouring Apple fan sites. Are there more than normal or were they always there and I didn’t notice?

      Usually it is puerile Micros**t ‘fans’ (eugh, is there such a thing?) but I’ve noticed more and more ‘android’ folks now that iOS is in high gear.

      But why? What compels them to post pointless, critical comments about products they have no interest in?

      Is it because Apple is at the top of their game and making bucketloads of cash? Or maybe their own fav tech company is tanking or playing perpetual catch-up, and they have some psychological need to try to derail Apple fans. Who knows.

      • or maybe ye are getting a wee bit defensive because it is a psychological need to defend something you think is “perfect” and people are pointing out that it is not.

        do you really think that so many people would be this way if Jobs didn’t make the claim that his products were “Magic” and “perfect”? those are some big claims, so Apple had best back them up.

        and if you don’t think that apple has behaved in a way that alienates them and that other people are starting to notice…well think again. i wouldn’t take it personally. I think that Apple has some good products. Good. Not the best, and not perfect. I like some of the products, but I don’t like the way Apple and Steve Jobs are behaving.

        But to say that all the other viewpoints are not valid…well some aren’t, but there are some that are. If you can’t take constructive criticism of your favorite company, I don’t know what to tell you. (constructive criticism, not mindless trolling, there is a difference.)

        i enjoy hearing ALL sides.
        but good luck and best wishes.

      • Checkmate

        Because I disagree with you that makes we a troll? I asked someone to back up a statement they were passing off as fact, and that makes me a troll? So if I say Steve Jobs admitted that all his ideas came from Bill Gates, if anyone here asks me to back up that statement I don’t have to because the person asking must be a troll right?

        Neil you wonder why the “trolls” scour Apple sites? One possible answer is the pure unthinking fanaticism Apple fans have with Apple. There is a tendency among Apple fans to think that because they make good products, and I’ll freely admit Apple makes extremely stable well made products, the company and the figure head for that company can do no wrong. Even when presented with facts of blatant stupidity (like not letting developers patch the software on the App store or blaming reception problems on a display) they defend those silly decisions and act like they were made to save the world.

        Most people that like a product, is able to say “Yeah the company makes some dumb decisions but I like this widget.” Most Apple fans seem unable to do that. They can’t say “Yeah Apple miffed there, but I still like the iPhone the best”.

        Another reason Apple fans may get picked on a lot is whenever anyone asks them to back up what they say they get called trolls. Just a theory.

  3. SarahL.

    apple is glorious and they are shaping our future to lead us to a glorious new paradise! steve is so smart and has given the world such blessings, it is hard to imagine why anyone would say any of the hurtful things about him that i have heard. none of it is true, he is a wonderful guru, and he has brought me much happiness. i will not use another product, and me and my other apple bros. and sisters are content to follow his decisions. if you don’t have an ipad, or mac, you should get one NOW. you will never go back. you can thank steve later.

  4. So none of the apple fanbois wear tinfoil hats? lol, if they don’t they wear blinds over their eyes provided courtesy of Mr. Jobs. (although i am sure more than a few do wear the tinfoil hats…)

  5. “No other consumer electronics company has done this”

    Hmm pretty sure I could listen to music in Windows XP with media player, and hit F11 in on IE6 to read a web page full screen, while music was playing…..10 years ago? Maybe less? Because I was full screen with the web page I saw no WMP or anything telling me the music was playing.

    Of course I understand your amazement since Safari cant full screen on a Mac last time I checked.

    I would NOT want a Windows 7 or Mac laptop to switch from Wifi to 3G automatically. On a phone OS and phone hardware that is something that should happen.

    You seriously need to pull of the blinders.

    • Adam Jackson

      Larry. I completely respect what you have to say. I have certifications from Windows XP, Server, SQL and additional certs from Cisco, A+, N+ and Apple helpdesk support certs.

      I’ve used every platform and made big money using and deploying big platforms. With that said, use an iPad for more than 2 weeks for 2 hours a day. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

      Comparing features like “my phone in 2001 could do mp3 playback” is not my point. it’s the absolute experience and this iPad post I didn’t write until I was 3 months in as a user because I wanted to see if I was just being a fanboy or it actually was a better experience. It is and it’s shaped how I work and consume content.

      Yes, you can listen to music and browse in IE in full-screen mode but the elegance in how it’s done on an iPad will blow you away but only if you try it. sorry you feel that way and I appreciate you reading the article.

      • Sorry what you orginally said was not subjective and not correct either. Remember you said this…

        “No other consumer electronics company has done this” and that comment was about playing music while reading a web page and not seeing (on the screen) any evidence of an application playing music. In reality Windows XP could do this ever since IE6. Honestly it could have been before that, but I am to lazy to lookup and see if there were browsers on Windows 98 that could do full screen.

        I would never argue or state that the experience is better (or worse) for anyone other than me.

        I have used the iPad enough to know that it does somethings very well. I waited to get a Kindle because of the iPad. I am not waiting to get an iPad until V2 or when V2 ships see what Android and maybe even Windows Phone 7/Windows 7 devices will be out there.

        The iPad form factor is possible not because of Apple, but because of many advancements in technology like powerful ARM cpu’s, massive shrinking of components like RAM, much better battery tech, and all of the components needing much less power. Apple was the first to put a consumer version together. They did a great job, but a year or two from now there will be many other choices and the platform as whole will mature.

        To me this form factor will always be 95% consumption and 95% of my creation will be on a computer or “Truck” as Jobs said.

  6. If Apple is shaping our future with its strict control over what we can do with, and what we can load into, hardware that we buy and pay for, than god help us all. I’ll bet half you lovers of the iPad , iphone etc, would the be talking revolution if the government was the one controlling the Apps instead of Uncle Steve.

    • MacDaddy

      You know, people that can’t put a simple sentence together should not be allowed to post on forums. “would the be talking ….” WTF are you trying to say????

    • i agree ed. the problem is that most of the fanbois would trade their freedom and put it all into the hands of someone “smarter” like Mr. jobs. (see an above comment)the blinders they have on prevents them from seeing anything else.

    • What??
      Apple controls their products my friend, not you.
      What do you want, a secure, stable user experience or the virus/crapware/porn ridden mess that the rest have?
      See? You do have a choice.

      • Barry P.

        False. Saying that apple only allows what is in our best interest is not a choice at all. So what, we don’t own the device we purchase? Are we merely renting it and have to get approval from Apple for what we want to use it for?

        Ya know, all they really have to do is have a “list” of Apple “approved” products or apps for a great user experience. But let a user decide what they want on their device, and how they use it. If they go against the recommendation, so be it. At least they have a choice in the matter.

        And actually there were a couple of apps that were not allowed that actually seemed pretty good, and Apple denied them for no clear reason whatsoever. Not to mention there was some censorship(don’t take my word for it, research it)…but I guess that keeps us safe, right?

      • Barry P.

        Neil, are you so naive as to think that Apple will not have more of those problems that you stated as they get bigger? Really?
        Look, it is really simple. Before Apple had a smaller market share with the Mac. People who create malware did so with the intention of reaching as big an audience as they could, which means they would target PCs with Windows. But now that Apple is getting bigger and gaining in influence, you had better believe that they will be more of a target.

        Not to mention the fact that there have been not ONE, but several reports from security firms this year that tell us that Apple has more security holes than MS or some others. The experts. Independent experts.

        But don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself. Do some research and verify it for yourself.

      • Yes Neil. There are so many people trying to jailbreak their new iphone, it isn’t even funny. Why? So they can run apps that are not approved by Apple, or even to use it on another network not approved by Apple. Like it or not, there are a lot of people who like Apple products, but not Apple the policy maker. We don’t need Big Brotha Apple telling us what to do.

        You are seeing just the beginning of people making their OWN choice, instead of having the decision made for them.

    • Crusader

      Yeah I love how Apple decides I can NEVER download my iTunes purchases again and a total of 5 authorized OS/X machines to have copies of iTunes content on. This is why I’m not letting go of my Windows 7 desktop anytime soon. I’ll continue using Mac as a secondary machine for study purposes.

      • Alejandro Perez

        So basically you like Windows because it lets you do Illegal things? And you like your Mac because you can do productive things.

        BTW you can authorize windows PC too as long as you have iTunes on it.

    • What are you, a Mircrosoft astroturfer? What are you doing here if you dislike Apple? You see yourself a prophet leading the blind out of the wilderness to Windows or Linux bliss? Stop wasting your time. Your mediocre alternatives, whether they be the crowd-comforting Windows or the Rube Goldber of OSs Linux, don’t appeal to people who want to use their computers to do stuff, and not to be hobbies to work on.

  7. Crotch Rocket

    From what I see on a daily basis there can be no doubt that Apple is shaping the minds of today’s youth. Most youngster I come in contact with absolutely love their iPods, want an iPhone4 and dream about having an iPad at school.

    BTW many medical schools around the country are rapidly adopting the iPad as the uber learning tool for their students. Apple is clearly going where no tablet has ever gone before and proving the experts wrong about slate computing every day.

    You go Steve keep showing everybody just how wrong they are.
    We love you Steven Paul Jobs !

    All you haters know where you can go and what you can do, it doesn’t even need to be said.

  8. Alexis


    these haters are annoying as hell…look don’t want one don’t buy it

    don’t believe in Apple stop coming to these forums

    get lost

  9. E Salt

    Apple is the future. And the future in now. That is why they are the largest technology company in the world. Apple leads….everyone follows…this is just how it is these days.
    The more comments I read here the more I understand why Steve is right on so many levels. The iPad is blowing up big time and world wide and nobody can deny this. 99 percent of remarks against iPad are from people that don’t have one or are extremely jealous and deep down want one themselves.

    iPad FTW

    • amen my apple brother! steve will lead us to a new dawn. once you experience the magic of apple you will truly understand the power of apple and why you can’t resist it. i will never use an evil pc again and welcome the dawning of a new era. i will see you soon brother and the infidels will be crushed. glory to steve and the wonders of his ipad. truly it is a blessing upon us all…

  10. But a word of caution. About 14 (?) years ago, Lotus Development was making some incredibly innovative and delightful software. There was a great database implementation (the name of which I forget) and a cool collaboration tool (Lotus Notes, maybe?) They also created Agenda, a truly brilliant DOS database program (yeah, I’m that old)

    Fortunately, Apple is big enough that the market won’t be bought out from under them (as it was for Lotus), but you never know.

    Nonetheless, it is true that Apple is crafting some really new ways to access and use information. Good for them, and may they keep it up. It’s really fun stuff!

  11. “It’s not a 24″ tower with a big button on the front”

    It is if it’s a Mac Pro.

    Your wishful thinking is sweet but reality has a different view. Apple still release flops – the Apple TV and Shuffle 3 spring to mind – and us Euros were browsing the web, listening to music and checking our e-mails back in 2005 on our Nokias and Sony Ericssons.

    The iPad is nice. The future of computing though? Not a chance in hell.

  12. No usb, multitasking is a joke, small hard drive, no way to upgrade memory, no direct printing, etc. etc. etc.

    Sure, if less is more, than it sounds like the future to me. That and being told what you can do by Steven Jobs.

    Anyone who loves freedom should be wary of someone who tells them what they can or can’t do…

      • dude talk about reading too deep. I think he means that mr. jobs is controlling what you can or can’t do with the devices you purchase, thus taking away your freedom to decide what to use on your own device. i don’t think it is meant in a political way, but you know what, if that is the context you choose to read it in, so be it. IF you don’t want the freedom to make up your own mind about what to run on your devices, fine.

        you don’t need more tinfoil stock, you just need to keep the blinds on.

      • SarahL.

        i agree. steve has just given us so much, we need to be very respectful of such a great man. yes brother, the sensation of using an apple product is like no other. indeed it is a blessing. i will NEVER abandon my brothers by using anything else.

      • Well Eideard, why do you think so many people are “jailbreaking” their devices?

        I think that the above poster may have made it sound a bit corny, but I also think that you know what he meant, and are taking it out of context, like someone else mentioned.

        “controlling your vote…” Har! I don’t think anybody here meant anything political, or at least not the way you mean…

  13. Lorie Ghamy

    Each Time i want to work on my iPad and listing streamed radio (FSTream app), iOS open iWork or Keynote but shutdow the audio app. I tried others similar apps, and that’s always the same world of silence.

    Truly magical, shaping not the future for boring work sessions.
    I was able to share streamed radio and others tasks with my old TC1100 Tablet PC in 2003. Oh and the 10′ screen was a glass one , with nô mirror surface and no crazy smudges. Amazing ! Revolutionnary !

    Back to the future

    • Cupertino Guy

      Lorie you will soon be able to heavily multitask on your beloved iPad this fall with the arrival of iOS4 on the pad. Apple also has many more surprises for your iPad in the coming months that will certainly be shaping the future for you. Enjoy your Apple experience because it is only going to get better with my colleagues in Cupertino working hard to satisfy all your computing and entertainment needs.

  14. Seven or eight years ago a Windows developer friend of mine was over and I had Digital Performer running with a 50-track song loaded up. He watched and listened for a bit and commented on how smoothly it was running with no audio glitches or application pauses. He was even more impressed when I told him that I was burning a DVD at the same time. I then began a big FTP upload, pulled up Photoshop to do a 600dpi scan, and then started browsing the web, all while the 50-track song was playing. When he saw all of that working simultaneously he was completely blown away.

    • Colonel John T. Hammer

      Preemptive multitasking is one of the Mac OS X (Unix-based kernel) best features compared to the much weaker Windows 7 (DEC VMS-based kernel). It is actually a very common occurrence that a Windows developer gets blown away by the sheer power of the Mac operating system once they view it objectively. Microsoft has been stealing features from MacOS for years. They admitted that most Windows 7 new features where inspired by the two years old Mac OS X (tiger) so plenty of Windows engineers truly worship the Apple OS make no mistake about this.

  15. You know, it’s kind of acceptable that on a 3.5″ screen I can only do one thing at a time (even though I look at other devices and see them multitasking pretty smoothly), but on a 10″ screen, it’s pretty near unacceptable that I can’t read this post and reply to IMs at the same time. And don’t get me started on the little system modal box in the center of the screen for every single little notification that I have to dismiss manually.

    If that’s the future… Apple can keep it, and I’ll stick to my pre-emptive multitasking past.

    *hugs Macbook*

    • MacDaddy

      Wow, impatient much? Jesus. Newsflash! OS4 is coming to the iPad this fall. Take a pill and chill out. Or how about this? PAY ATTENTION TO THE TECH BLOGS!!!

      • Far as I can see, I still have to break out of reading this article in Safari, switch to Beejive, and then come back to respond to an IM that comes in on iOS4 on the 3GS. The only thing is that it’s slightly faster than on iPhone OS 3.

        How is that true multitasking? Like System 7 was multitasking capable? Never met people as full of fail as you twats.