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Build a Workspace With Glasscubes

The typical company doesn’t work on just one project at a time: You’ve probably got at least a couple of different clients that you need to work with, as well as internal projects like marketing or developing new products. A collaboration tool that doesn’t allow you to work on all of these projects separately isn’t going to be able to keep up with your company, especially if you have a whole stack of projects to manage. Glasscubes has solved the division problem by producing a collaboration tool that’s built around workspaces.

Office Organization Brought Online

If you were to walk into the ideal office, the team working on the company’s biggest project would share office space. Their cubes would all be in the same corner of the room. The marketing team would be similarly clustered. Of course, such arrangements aren’t perfect — maybe someone is working on two projects at once or the manager needs to be in three places at once.

Glasscubes has adopted the beneficial aspects of such physical arrangements — get everyone working on a particular project in one place — with the added flexibility of working online. You can control who has access to your workspaces, assigning your employees only to those projects that they are actually involved in, while still letting managers have a broader overview.

The Glasscubes Structure

When you log in on Glasscubes, you have four tabs: Dashboard, Files, Workspaces and Connect. The Dashboard simply provides you with an overview of the tool, letting you see what’s changed since you last logged in. Within the Files tab, you can upload documents for your employees to use. Connect, in contrast, is a CRM tool with a few additional bells and whistles, like issue tracking.

The Workspaces area is where Glasscubes really shines. For each Workspace (or project), you have the ability to create task lists and calendars, hold discussions, share documents and even generate reports — just about everything that you might rely on a dedicated project manager for in a physical office. You can manage members, add polls and interact with your team in a variety of ways.

The Right Glasscubes Plan

Glasscubes offers five different plans, based first on the number of user accounts you’ll need and then on the actual amount of storage space you’ll need. There’s a free plan, allowing for two users, that can allow you to get a feel for the application, as well as a 28-day free trial available for each of the premium plans. Those plans range in size up to an unlimited plan priced at $199 per month. However, for enterprise users, Glasscubes offers a more practical alternative of allowing you to price on a straight per user price — £5 ($7.80) per month — while still having unlimited storage and access to all the features of Glasscubes (plus a few additional benefits, like training and a more advanced level of support).Glasscubes also guarantees a response time of four business hours for enterprise clients, making it a reliable option for bigger businesses.

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